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Comdex Fall 1997
Краткое содержание статьи: Comdex Fall 1997 was the first Comdex I've ever attended and so I had to learn the hard way what it means to waste hours getting from one place to another

Comdex Fall 1997

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Comdex Fall 1997 was the first Comdex I've ever attended and so I had to learn the hard way what it means to waste hours getting from one place to another, waiting for Taxis, waiting for buses, finding a parking spot, etc... I spent three days in Las Vegas and after that I felt like after one week of CeBIT.

Looking around for highlights revealed only one thing, something that was shown to only as small group of people in a back room in AMD's 'southern style' booth, the upcoming K6 3D.

The Comdex Fall 1997 Highlight - AMD's K6 3D

I went to AMD's booth already on the first day and had to find out afterwards that there was nothing else that could exceed this event. In a small back room I watched the first samples of the K6 3D running at 300 MHz, presented by AMD performance guru Brent Kerby and nobody less than AMD's Senior Fellow Greg Favor, the main designer of the K6.

The Comdex Fall 1997 Highlight - AMD's K6 3D
From the left: Thomas Pabst, Greg Favor and Seamus Blackley, Chief Architect at Dreamworks Interactive

Two scenes of 3D Winbench 97 were ran in parallel on two systems next to each other, one equipped with an Intel Pentium II 300 CPU and LX motherboard, the other running a K6 3D 300/100 in the good old 100 MHz board that I reviewed a few months back.
Hey guys, nobody of you ever guessed AMD as the board manufacturer, although it was soo obvious ;-). Both systems were otherwise equipped with identical hardware and ran Windows 95, the K6 3D system also running the special extensions to DirectX5, to enable the new 3D features of the K6 3D. The result was pretty amazing, the AMD K6 3D 300/100 was about 30% faster than a Pentium II 300 !!!! Before you now say that this was unfair, because the Pentium II ran at only 66 MHz bus speed, please consider that the higher bus speed hardly improves the performance of a Pentium II based system running business or game applications, due to the level 2 cache that's running independently from the system bus and hence at the same speed as with 66 MHz system bus. Only applications that move large amounts of data between CPU and memory (as e.g. in the Highend Winstone Benchmark) can take advantage of the faster system bus. This is why I disapprove the overclocking of PPro/PII systems to system bus speeds of 75 or 83 MHz - it hardly buys you anything, but it increases the risk of a system failure tremendously.

The other impressive presentation was a new upcoming game called 'Trespass' from Dreamworks Interactive, based on Jurassic Park, The Lost World. We could see how much higher the image quality of a game like this can be when the advanced 3D features of the K6 3D can be used.

We'll have to hope now that the K6 3D will be available soon, as well as DirectX6, which is supposed to include the K6 3D's new 3D features. This way games don't need to be optimized for the K6 3D, DirectX6 is taking care of that. AMD's spokesman Dana Krelle estimates that the K6 3D will start shipping around CeBIT time, maybe a little later. This CPU will change the life expectation of Socket 7 considerably, March 98 is already late enough and lets hope that AMD will be on time.


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