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Краткое содержание статьи: We survived!! We survived CeBIT 98 in Hannover, the world biggest computer show. We??? Oooops what's going on??

Tom's Hardware Guide at CeBIT 98

Редакция THG,  24 марта 1998
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We survived!! We survived CeBIT 98 in Hannover, the world biggest computer show. We??? Oooops what's going on?? Well Tom didn't go there alone. After a lot of readers told us that Tom should find some people to help him getting information on the web faster he decided to fulfill this wish. And here I am. My name is Markus and I am part of Tom's crew.

OK back to the topic! We survived. CeBIT 98. Surviving this event is not as easy as it may sound. Especially not this year. Although I have been living in Hannover for several years and therefore know most of the shortcuts it still took me hours to get to the fairground. As you got stuck in a traffic jam no matter when you left your apartment you did not have the slightest chance to get to the show in any foreseeable time. That also means there was almost no chance to be in a meeting in the morning. Some of you may think that's just because of the masses of visitors (670.000 officially counted) but that's not true. All the years that I have been at CeBIT and I haven't missed a single one so far, they had almost as much visitors but no chaos like this year.

If one finally reaches the fairground it is very hard to get a reliable answer to a question. In order to find out how a normal visitor feels I removed my press-badge sometimes and started to get some information. That was quite often impossible. Let me tell a story about this problem that really happened to me:

I went to a big company asked at the counter for information concerning IEEE1394 interface technology. I can understand that the lady at the desk could not help me directly. OK but she sent me to the storage guys. The junior sales guy also never heard about 1394 or fire wire at all. Well he is young and probably just only a trainee so he handed me over to his senior sales manager. After I explained him what I am looking for he stared at me with big eyes and asked me for his internal order number because he also never heard anything about it. As the company is involved in the development of this technology and these two guys were working in the storage section I knew how a standard visitor feels.
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