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Статьи и обзоры, выпущенные в 1999

17 декабря 1999
The Home Network - an engineering feat
Omid Rahmat spoke with Ed Frank, VP of Engineering, home networking business unit, Broadcom, and got a thorough grounding in home networking. Here's why you should know about this topic.

19 ноября 1999
COMDEX/Fall '99 - Wow! The Comdex winner for me
Comdex was a tremendous disappointment, until Expertcity.com came along.

19 ноября 1999
COMDEX/Fall '99 - 3dfx - back to its roots
After the launch of Napalm, I sat down to talk with Scott Sellers and Michael Howse in their suite at The Venetian.

19 ноября 1999
COMDEX/Fall '99 - Nvidia - The Intel of Graphics
Nvidia could call itself the Intel of graphics, but maybe that doesn't tell the whole story. In the meantime, the company is on the leading edge of the graphics technology curve, and is gung-ho on the workstation market.

19 ноября 1999
COMDEX/Fall '99 - ATI could grow to $5 billion
Until I talked to Henry Quan at ATI, I wouldn't have believed it, but maybe ATI can break through the graphics ceiling.

19 ноября 1999
COMDEX/Fall '99 - Creative Labs - audio is the killer app of 3D
Creative may just have the best application of 3D on the Web today, and it's all about audio.

10 сентября 1999
Intel Developers Forum Fall '99 Report
Take a peek into the Intel master plan with Merced, see what NVIDIA has going on with the upcoming GeForce 256 and much more!

13 августа 1999
Siggraph 99
Siggraph used to be the place where the super-nerds of computer graphics would get to meet and schmooze in a setting that was still intimate enough to generate real discussions about technology

11 июня 1999
Tom's Summary of Computex99 Part 2 - All the rest
The second part of my look back at Computex 99 will summarize all the other interesting new products and developments I came across

9 июня 1999
Tom's Summary of Computex99 Part 1 - Platform News
I've just returned from Taipei and would now like to supply you with all the information I found out in the numerous meetings with Taiwanese hardware manufacturers

17 мая 1999
E3 Road Trip Report - (SOFTWARE + HARDWARE) * GAMERS
As most of you know the famous E3 Convention has just come to an end this last Saturday, May 15th

23 марта 1999
Tom's CeBIT 1999 Blurb
Tom's column on the hardware scene: CPU and Graphics

15 марта 1999
Upcoming CeBIT Highlight: A Fast Car with Top-Notch Cyber-Equipment
Many of you know it for a long time, high tech and fast cars is something I am into a lot, of course besides normal things like eating, drinking and another thing I won't talk about. Due to these strong interests and the fact that the Internet or the Cyberspace means a whole lot to me, I was very excited when I got the chance to take part in a project that would combine a fast car, high tech PC-equipment and Cyberspace together. Tom's Hardware Guide is proud to represent a part in the development of a 'thing' that is simply called 'Megacar', and although it may only be available to a very small minority of my readers due to its price, I'd still like to explain the technique behind this overkill-vehicle.

28 января 1999
News about 3Dfx and Intel’s Latest Mobile Processors
Yesterday, Wednesday, January 27, 1999, 3Dfx held a press conference on top of the Zugspitze, the highest Mountain in Germany

22 января 1999
Is Intel's New CPU Identification for Data Security Only a Marketing Gag?
Straight after I read about Intel's new plans to ensure higher data security over the Internet for e-commerce by implementing a identification number into their upcoming CPUs starting with Pentium III

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Лучший компьютерный корпус: текущий анализ рынка

Выбрать лучший компьютерный корпус непросто - для кого-то лучшим может быть самый доступный компьютерный корпус, для других - самый просторный. Мы стараемся учитывать все факторы и публикуем постоянно обновляемый материал, в котором стараемся рекомендовать действительно лучший компьютерный корпус в любой ценовой категории - от самого доступного до топового сегмента.

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