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16 октября 2000
Intel Roadmap News 10/2000 - Part Two, Intel's Future Mobile and Server/Workstation Products
Intel's recent roadmap for notebook products looks quite jolly. Already in the beginning of next year we will see the first Giga Hertz processor for mobile platforms and mobile Pentium III processors at up to 1.26 GHz will arrive soon afterwards as well. The workstation and server roadmap is not quite as interesting, except for the fact that Intel is counting a lot on 'Third Party' chipset makers to provide non-RDRAM platforms for those systems.

13 октября 2000
HOT! Update Of Intel Roadmap News!
Yesterday we published the desktop part of our latest Intel Roadmap News, but new intelligence has come in that's changing the point of view in several highly important regards. The most important and shocking message is this: Pentium 4 and Socket423 will only be a transitional product and soon replaced by 'Northwood' and Socket478!!!

12 октября 2000
Intel Roadmap News 10/2000 - Part One, Desktop Processors And Chipsets
It has been rather quiet in our Intel roadmap department for the last six months, but finally we could get hold of Intel's future plans. The roadmap turned out to be rather interesting, with some even surprising news. Find out about future Pentium III and Pentium 4 processors as well as the according chipsets. You might be surprised to!

6 октября 2000
VIA Tech Forum 2000
Motherboard and memory makers gathered in five cities all over the world to present their latest plans and developments. We visited the VTF 2000 in Munich.

7 сентября 2000
Bite Me! Bluetooth is coming
According to the book 'The Innovator's Dilemma' by Clayton M. Christensen the combination of Bluetooth and Internet could be classified as disruptive technology. Indeed, Bluetooth is definitely much more than just a cable replacement.

1 сентября 2000
Qubits and The Number 42 - 12th Annual Hot Chips Conference in Palo Alto
Every summer the Stanford University in Palo Alto hosts the Hot Chips Conference sponsored by the IEEE. Besides reflecting trends in the semiconductor industry, it also explores the forefront of technology. But the emphasis is always on the technical details of real chips, not on theoretical research or marketing hype.

28 августа 2000
Intel Admits Problems With Pentium III 1.13 GHz - Production and Shipments Halted
We just reported our latest bad experiences with Intel's recently released high-end processor. While I asked Intel to consider the retraction of their Pentium III 1.13 GHz processors once more, I couldn't know how close Intel was to actually do exactly that. Read the full scoop on the situation.

9 августа 2000
Winds of Change - Platform 2000 Conference in San Jose
At the Platform 2000 Conference in San Jose industry experts discussed the latest developments in the memory market. Semico Research presented their forecast for the coming years.

7 июля 2000
The Heat is On - PC Expo in New York
The PC Expo in New York is always a good indicator of things to come in the PC world. This year the PDAs clearly stole the show, and Transmeta finally proved that the company is for real.

21 июня 2000
The Need for Speed: Embedded Processor Forum in San Jose
At the recent Embedded Processor Forum (EPF) in San Jose, California, quite a few companies introduced new designs tailored for the market of embedded applications. This new generation of embedded chips promises high-performance combined with low power consumption.

18 июня 2000
Computex 2000 Final Words
After some exciting, but rather tough 8 days in Taipei I've finally returned from my Computex2000 trip. This year it turned out to be a very different experience for me than in the previous 3 years.

10 июня 2000
Tom's Computex 2000 News - Part 2
As Taiwan's impact on the world's IT industry is continuously growing, so is the significance of the Computex show in Taipei. In the second report from the Taiwanese computer show I am introducing new products from Asus, RioWorks and LeadTek. I am also extremely proud to announce our Taipei testing lab, which will supply you with reviews of the brand new products that we've seen here.

8 июня 2000
Tom's Computex 2000 News - Part 1
Computex is my favorite IT show and so I am here in Taipei together with Frank, who has reported about his impressions already. In this first part of my Computex roundup I have some really hot news for you. Thunderbird will be overclockable. We know of two methods on how to alter the multiplier and in this article I am disclosing one of the two. Besides that I've got news from AOpen, SiS, FIC and Q-Lity.

8 июня 2000
Athlon Thunderbirds Made In Germany: AMD's Fab 30 in Dresden
AMD released the second generation Athlon processors, making the Texan company more powerful than ever. We went to their new manufacturing facility in Dresden and took a look behind the curtain.

26 мая 2000
The DRAM Challenge - Vendors Gather at DDR-SDRAM Summit
On May 18, 2000 chipset, board and graphics chip manufacturers gathered at the DDR-SDRAM Summit in San Jose to officially launch DDR-SDRAM, three years after its inception. Now it seems the memory wind is blowing directly into the faces of the Rambus/Intel alliance.

25 мая 2000
Tom's Blurb: Why We Don't Trust Rambus - Pointing Out Facts, Turning Rumors Into Reality
It might not be news to the ones of you, who have been closely following the dealings of Rambus, the company that 'invented' the dreaded RDRAM memory. However, I doubt that the majority is aware of what's really behind Intel's urge of pushing RDRAM at all costs, and how Rambus is using backdoor tactics to make sure that RDRAM is pushed up the behind of us PC users.

23 мая 2000
Tom's Blurb: Intel's 'Almador' Chipset, Solano News and the MTH-Debacle
You might have heard the good news; Intel is developing a chipset (code name 'Almador') that will use SDRAM, possibly even DDR SDRAM as main memory. Unlike the latest news claim however, 'Almador' will not be for 'Willamette', but for the next generation of 'Coppermine'. We've also got some news regarding Solano and I will give my next report on the still smoldering MTH replacement/refund nightmare.

20 мая 2000
Crystal Ball Dataquest Predicts Conference in San Jose
At the beginning of May Dataquest held their annual Predicts Conference in San Jose. The event covers a variety of topics and gives an outlook on future trends in the electronics industry.

15 мая 2000
Tom's Blurb - MTH - The Story Isn't Over Yet ...
For most of Intel's customers that sold products with MTH the fun is only starting. Still most people are badly informed; still it's a fact that every owner of an MTH-chip is entitled to a replacement of refund. We've got some thoughts about why Intel is not replacing with Solano-platforms once it's out and if Intel isn't a commendable company for its honest policy. We also have some info for i840-owners with SDRAM.

12 мая 2000
The Impact of Intel's MTH-Issue on the IT-Business
If you think you already know everything about Intel's MTH-disaster you might be very wrong. Not Intel is the company that's suffering from this issue; Intel's partners are the ones that are hit really hard. If you own an MTH-motherboard, make sure you read this article! If you don't, it's still worth to find out about 'Caminogate2'.

UPDATE 11 мая 2000
Tom's Blurb - All Owners of Systems With Intel's i820 Chipset That Don't Use RDRAM Yet Will Now Get It For Free From Intel!
Another bug was found in Intel's infamous 'i820' or 'Camino' chipset! Once more it is the so called 'MTH' = 'Memory Translator Hub', which has already made headlines with other bugs before.

2 мая 2000
No Slack: Internet Security Conference
Every e-commerce Web site going online presents yet another target for malicious attacks. At the Internet Security Conference in San Jose industry experts discussed the pitfalls and solutions of securing the Internet.

15 апреля 2000
Roadmap 2000 Tidbits from AMD and Intel
What is happening in the processor scene this year? Tom gives you some insight of what we can expect within the next 8 months.

10 апреля 2000
It's a Free World
The Seventh Annual Spring Internet World was the 'largest Internet event on the planet', at least according to the producer Penton Media. About 50,000 visitors came to Los Angeles to check out the 850 exhibits.

28 марта 2000
Let the Games Begin: Game Developers Conference in San Jose
The 'Evil Empire' wants to conquer your living room, and resistance is futile. At the Game Developers Conference in San Jose, California, Bill Gates himself unveiled the X-Box, Microsofts new video-game console. Is this the end for Sony's PlayStation kingdom?

17 марта 2000
Beyond the PC
Processors for Workstations and Communcation Devices

27 февраля 2000
Reports From the First Three Days of CeBIT2000
Tom supplies you with his impressions of CeBIT2000: Late Victory for the Online Press, Shocking! Intel's Booth Has Shrunk, First Pictures of AMD's Thunderbird, Ziff-Davis Party, VIA Is Feeling Strong, 3dfx - Big Boobs instead of Fast Chips

25 февраля 2000
IDF Report
Pentium IV Willamette 1,5 GHz, Itanium, Timna, Serial ATA and USB 2.0 are the news. But behind the scenes of the Intel Developer Forum strange things happened.

17 февраля 2000

At the International Solid-State Circuit Conference in San Francisco several companies described designs for microprocessors with 1 GHz clock speed. AMD demonstrated a system with a 1 GHz Athlon from its fab in Dresden, Germany.

10 февраля 2000
Memory Wars
DRAM manufacturers gather at Platform 2000

3 февраля 2000
Transmeta introduces Crusoe
Transmeta, the secretive semiconductor company from Santa Clara, finally introduced the first two chips of their new processor line named Crusoe at the end of January. With a different software-based design approach these processors promise to deliver high-performance at very little power consumption.

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Сводное тестирование 77 процессоров: сезон 2005/2006
Лаборатория Tom's Hardware Guide сравнила производительность 77 процессоров с частотами до 3,8 ГГц. Вместе с тем мы рассмотрели продвижения в технологиях процессоров, произошедшие после прошлогоднего сводного тестирования.

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