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Computex 2000 Final Words
Краткое содержание статьи: After some exciting, but rather tough 8 days in Taipei I've finally returned from my Computex2000 trip. This year it turned out to be a very different experience for me than in the previous 3 years.

Computex 2000 Final Words

Редакция THG,  18 июня 2000
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Computex Has Grown

First of all Computex has become much more important than it used to be. I remember my fist Computex in 1997, when the whole show was only hosted in Taipei's convention center, located right next to the Grand Hyatt hotel. Besides motherboard makers and manufacturers of some other devices as fans, network cards/hubs and other small, but important things there wasn't that much to see. In none of the three previous years Computex had been used for any major product launches as well, so that this show used to be a small, nice and stress free event, which I always saw as a very welcome reason to travel to Asia and learn about the exiting culture there. This year Computex started with the Thunderbird launch and the DDR-conference, it was spread between two buildings, and most exhibitors had some really interesting stuff to tell.

Three Editors Were Still Not Enough

Computex2000 turned out to be very different than what it used to be and we knew it would. I decided to take two editors with me on this trip and to establish a testing site in Taipei at the same time. I was certain that we three could cover the whole show with ease and have enough time to do some early hands-on testing as well. I had to learn that I underestimated the amount of information we were confronted with. Frank and I were on the show floor all day and wrote our articles in the evening. I squeezed in some time for daily workouts in the hotel gym, which left almost no time for sleep. We had hardly any time for dinner and certainly no chance to enjoy any of the parties. The testing had to be done in the middle of the night. Frank and I used to go to bed at 5 or 6 AM only to face our next appointments some 4 hours later.

Earthquakes Aren't Fun

This year the show ended on Friday. Frank and I stayed a bit longer, to have our first experience of a Taiwanese earthquake. In the night between June 10 and 11 around 2:30 AM there was an earthquake with a magnitude of 6.7 on the Richter scale in central Taiwan, which shook us really well on the 14th (Frank) and 19th (me) floor of the Grand Hyatt in Taipei. For both of us this was the first earthquake of our life and I can say that we really could have done without this experience. Being on the 19th floor in an earthquake is rather unpleasant, to say the least. Still, besides the shock, nothing happened to either of us. Not everyone was that lucky. We'd like to send our sympathies to the relatives of the two people that died and the 36 people who were injured in this earthquake.

Frank left on Sunday evening, flying back to Germany and I hopped over to Bangkok on Monday morning to get a couple of relaxing days, see the Grand Palace and enjoy the excellent Thai food. Finally I returned back home on Wednesday to get ready for AMD's Duron launch.
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