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21 ноября 2001
THG At Comdex 2001 - Post Mortem
It's over. Comdex is done, but we have a final word on the subject, and we got some sneak peeks at a new Gigabyte mobo that everyone is waiting for. That and word on DFI, LSI, and Iomega.

15 ноября 2001
THG AT Comdex 2001 - Day 3
Is it only Day 3, already? New cases, 3D Power, affordable DVD-R, Transmeta's cool factor, and the return of US Robotics, feature. We also sent out a THG reader who happens to be a dealer, and asked for his impressions of Comdex - apparently companies in a recession don't like to sell products. Hmmmm.

14 ноября 2001
THG At Comdex 2001 - Day 2
Live from Comdex, ATI's new drivers - benchmarked! Also, Leadtek's got the burning CPU religion. Networking is full of hot ticket items, and we talked to some of the leading names in the business. Powerline networking seems to have finally arrived. Gigabit Ethernet for the enterprise, and LAN parties. And, we see some must have storage products. Where's Tom by the way?

13 ноября 2001
THG At Comdex 2001 - Day 1
Far from the maddening crowd, we patrol the booths of relaxed exhibitors, unencumbered by bags, jostling brochure hounds, and the need to rush from one offsite to another. The Las Vegas Convention Center is big enough for everyone. Ah, so peaceful.......

12 ноября 2001
THG At Comdex 2001 - Day 0
Viva Las Vegas! Comdex hits sleepy Nevada city, subdued, but not bowed. One of the first out at the gate with a big announcement is Nvidia with the NV17M. THG staff are here with a bucket full of quarters.

24 октября 2001
RDF 2001 - что нам Rambus готовит
Вам может не нравиться бизнес компании, или ее технология, однако Rambus является важным игроком на рынке памяти. Мы сообщим вам слова Девида Муринга, президента компании, которые он произнес на форуме Rambus для разработчиков в 2001 году. Девид поведал о технологии Rambus Yellowstone, а также пролил свет на будущее компании.

19 октября 2001
MPF 2001 - Servers And Workstation CPUs Take Center Stage
There was a dramatic drop-off in attendance at this year's Microprocessor Forum, but the server market is going to heat up with AMD joining the fray with Intel, Sun, and IBM. We got a first look at AMD's Athlon 2000+ XP, ATI's Xilleon, Intel's IA-32 and IA-64 roadmaps, Via's C5 roadmap, and more discussions on the MHz processor game.

7 сентября 2001
Рождение пикселя
Доктор Джон Педди, основатель аналитической компании Jon Peddie Associates, предается воспоминаниям и предлагает Tom's Hardware Guide расширенный взгляд на его версию Истории графики, начиная с рождения пикселя.

3 сентября 2001
VIA's Technology Forum 2001 Started Today
Today VIA commenced its VTF with a press conference in the Regency Ballroom of the Grand Hyatt Taipei (my home away from home). VIA's CEO Wenchi Chen and his right hand Richard Brown spoke the opening words. Wenchi radiated more self-confidence than we have ever seen of the Taiwanese core logic and processor maker before.

31 августа 2001
IDC's 2001 Video Game Survey
THG gets a preview of an extremely interested survey of gamers done by IDC Research.

28 августа 2001
IDF Fall 2001 - Intel On Track
The Intel Developer Forum Fall 2001 day 1 delivers the post-mortem on the 2 GHz Pentium 4, and Intel's plans to ramp up to 10 GHz parts in the next 3 years. In addition, Intel unveils Hyper-Threading.

19 июля 2001
Meltdown 2001 - DX9, XP gaming, and more 3D graphics
We learn a little bit about DirectX 9 (is OpenGL history), get the word from Microsoft on what hardcore gamers should do with XP (use XP Pro), and conversations with Trident, STMicro, and 3Dlabs.

13 июня 2001
Computex 2001 Manufacturer Report
Our final Computex article includes all the news from the Taiwanese manufacturers. Read about Asus, AOpen, Azza, PowerColor, DFI, ECS, Gigabyte, Gainward, IWill, InnoVision, Leadtek and MSI.

7 июня 2001
Tom's Computex News
This article brings you some hot details about NVIDIA's nForce and Intel's next Pentium 4 processor and platform, 'Northwood' and 'Brookdale' aka i845.

23 мая 2001
E3 - The Game Industry Goes Gaga
While the rest of the high tech industry languishes in the doldrums, the game industry heats up for a battle royale between Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo.

29 марта 2001
CeBIT 2001 Roundup
A week ago the whole IT-world went on its annually pilgrimage to cold and windy Hannover/Germany to visit CeBIT2001. Tom's Hardware Guide wouldn't miss this act of masochism for anything in the world and here is our summary of what we saw in the holy halls of the world's largest computer show, that was visited by 850,000 people this year.

28 марта 2001
Microsoft Lays Out The Hardware Roadmap
THG coverage of Microsoft's Windows Hardware Engineering Conference (WinHEC) 2001

26 марта 2001
GDC - Where Goes Gaming
THG took some time to meander and wander through the Game Developer Conference in San Jose last week. In the process we look at the tenuous position of Xbox, the opportunities for PC gamers, and riff on the future of online gamelets.

5 марта 2001
IDF Spring 2001 - Part II
Here's the second part of our IDF-blurb. What about USB 2.0 or 1394b? What's the 'Extended PC' and who needs it? Will P2P drive Pentium 4? How much of Intel's future projections is fact and how much is fiction?

28 февраля 2001
IDF Spring 2001 - Part I
Some people might be surprised to know that we have a team of undercover agents reporting from the IDF show floors, but our readers know that we wouldn't keep this event from you. This here is the first classified report.

8 февраля 2001
Quo Vadis Intel? - The Latest Roadmap
Where is Intel going? Learn about Intel's latest plans with Tulatin, Northwood, Brookdale, Foster and Prestonia and enjoy the journey through modern Middle-earth of Satan Clara.

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