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23 ноября 2002
Fall Comdex 2002: It Is Over, But Is It Over?
Well, is this it for Comdex? Not yet, but this is all from us this year. We file our wrap-up report from Fall 2002 Comdex and announce the first ever THG Best of Comdex Awards. We check out products from Gyration, Iomega, Lian Li, Cooler Master, Turtle Beach and Canon in our final report from Vegas.

21 ноября 2002
Fall Comdex 2002 Day 3: Monitoring Display Development
Today we spent a lot of time focusing on a subject that you continue to question us about, i.e., monitors and flat panel displays. We spent time looking at the latest developments and directions in this technology. In addition, we have a special announcement from Atech Flash, and we check in with Biostar, Asus, and US Robotics.

20 ноября 2002
Fall Comdex 2002 Day 2: Racing Into New Products
Who is Astro? We find about the answer this question as well as see some new and exciting products at Comdex Day 2002. In addition we were able to capture a new product from D-Link will make its way on to the market shortly. In addition we check in with Gigabyte, Maxtor, ECS, MSI, SiS, and Transmeta.

19 ноября 2002
Fall Comdex 2002: Day 1
Is this the final throes of the greatest show on earth? Comdex ain't what it used to be, but while there's a Las Vegas, there's always some gutsy company betting on maing a killing in the technology market. We bring you Day 1 of Comdex Fall 2002. Nvidia, ATI, AMD, Dell Axim, Palm's cheapy, Enermax, CPUMate and the heaviest graphics board in western civilization.

30 октября 2002
Focus: Online Gaming
Sony and LucasArts have Star Wars Galaxies with over 100,000 subscribers for the beta alone. Microsoft is shifting towards voice commands. EA is putting The Sims online. It's taken a while, but online gaming is turning out to be a serious tech opportunity, as well as popular entertainment. Will the tech success stories of the future be about massively popular multi-player games that push the broadband infrastructure to its limits?

15 октября 2002
SandBridge Core Eyes Software-Defined Radio
From the Microprocessor Forum, Mark Hachman gets a handle on reconfigurable processors and software-definable radio from Sandbridge.

14 октября 2002
Microprocessor Forum 2002 Preview
This week's Microprocessor Forum will be full of details on upcoming processors from Intel, AMD, and many others. Nick Stam of ExtremeTech gives us a preview.

25 сентября 2002
ATI Mojo Day: A Graphic Education For Developers
What is ATI Mojo Day? ATI gives 250 developers the unique opportunity to spend the entire day being educated about graphics technology. While this might not seem like the most important event that we have covered, without the training and education that are a necessary step in the process of innovation, next-generation games would not be possible. Find out the facts about what it takes to develop next-generation software.

12 сентября 2002
Fall 2002 IDF: Day 3 How About A Little Video?
Now for something completely different. Would you like to have the chance to experience the sights and sounds of the Fall 2002 IDF right from the comfort of your own computer screen? Well, in fact, you can do just that if you download THG video number 4 which give you the chance to experience IDF without even leaving the comfort of you own home. We also check in with Intel, Adaptec, SiS and Trident for the lastest news and information.

11 сентября 2002
Fall 2002 IDF: Day 2
ViewSonic, Samsung, Analog Devices, Musicmatch, LSI, Philips, Palm, Fujitsu, Promise, Ali, 3ware and Silver-Zinc battery technology were just the tip of the iceberg at IDF Day 2. Cool products, HiDef TV and a new Palm-based phone thrown in for good measure were just a few of the innovations we saw today at IDF.

10 сентября 2002
Fall 2002 IDF: Day 1
We are off and running at the Winter 2002 Intel Developers Forum. Patrick Gelsinger got the event rolling with his keynote address and had a few things to talk about, including a demo of a 4.7GHz Pentium 4 Northwood. Rambus shows off the new SiS R658, which is a new Pentium 4 chipset that features Rambus. We have a chance to see a few other new things too as IDF starts to crank up for the next three days.

23 августа 2002
Quakecon 2002: Wrap Up - What A Great Event It Was!
Quakecon 2002 is over, but we didn't want to leave you hanging, so here we'll catch you up on a few things we might have missed and fill you in on the show's conclusion.

17 августа 2002
Quakecon 2002 - Day 2 The Day Of Doom III
John Carmack spills the beans on Doom III. Is this the next great achievement in gaming? Also, Carmack gives his picks of the next generation graphics cards. See how he feels about ATI, Nvidia, 3Dlabs, Matrox, and SiS.

16 августа 2002
Quakecon 2002 - Day 1
Quakecon 2002 is off and running and THG is on site to cover all of the action. We will take an in depth look at all of the action, and we might even have a few surprises in store for you.

2 августа 2002
Siggraph 2002: Nvidia vs. World
The NV3x propoganda wars are backfiring on Nvidia, and it all started at Siggraph. Is ATI getting aggressive? Ooooh, Don King should be promoting this one on Pay Per View. When will the NV3x tape out, and does anybody care? Nvidia took on the world, and the world is biting back. Is this just more hype? Gonzo going ons in San Antonio in Graphics Wars: Episode CMXLVII.

28 июня 2002
Integrated Graphics Take on Discrete Dinosaurs?
Graphics industry analyst Dr. Jon Peddie reviews the impact of the integrated graphics chipset (IGC) market in this special contribution for THG. Will more powerful IGCs topple discrete graphics components and make graphics add-in boards a relic of a bygone age? Dr. Peddie's analysis may surprise you, and will certainly entertain.

7 июня 2002
Computex Day 4 - Gettin' Jiggy With AMD
In the final day, a first set of benchmarks and results of testing the new Gigabyte 8500 XT with 300/300 core and memory clock speeds. I suck up to the AMD faithful, find a water cooler that granny can use, welcome a new mobo line for the enthusiast, look at mobo design art deco style, sing in a karaoke bar until 5 in the morning, and pack. News on Chaintech, DFI, ATech, 3R Systems, and AOpen.

5 июня 2002
Computex Part III - Mobo ennui affects mobo makers
Mobo makers want to be more than mobo makers. We look at what ASUS, Gigabyte, Jetway and ECS are doing to make the switch. ALI has its own K8 solution and is taking HyperTransport to the P4 platform. The 648 continues to generate buzz, and we talk to Alex Wu, Director of Integrated Products at SiS. ClawHammer - is it going to be called the Athlon Ultra 3400+ to compete against P4 in the 3GHz range? A strategic push is on. We have a realistic release schedule (or do we?). Plus graphics news from Triplex and Leadtek.

4 июня 2002
Day 2 of Computex - Sassy, SiSy, Saucy
AMD is plagiarizing THG logo for its own gain, SiS 648 stirs the folks, FIC trumps nForce using IGP, Abit parties like its 1999, Soyo is Platinum, Albatron steps in, MSI is informative, and the Fish Mouse is a hit with the ladies, or so we are told. And then, there was an air raid alarm.

3 июня 2002
Computex 2002 - The Bloodbath Begins
Nvidia's next generation nForce rears its head. AMD is telling its partner they will have K8 before the year end, and they're getting ready for it. Intel is in no mood to play around and controls pricing. Gigabyte disses Nvidia in favor of ATI. The fight is on for what's left of the PC pie in 2002. Plus, news on IWill, Soltek, and BioStar. Day 1 of the Comdex of the East is a wild ride.

30 мая 2002
E3 Expo 2002, Los Angeles Day Three of Three
The E3 is now over, ending as it started - without lots of fanfare and йlan, but with a belief in a brilliant future. There is growth in the USA, and it should reach Europe this year.

29 мая 2002
E3 Expo 2002, Los Angeles Day Two of Three
We continue with a second day of E3 reporting, this time at a slower pace. Fewer announcements, fewer innovative games. The giants of the industry have invested their money and efforts in maintaining their position on the world market, while the smallest of the bunch keep a hold of their strengths or niche market. The mid-sized companies simply try to console themselves

28 мая 2002
E3 Expo 2002, Los Angeles Day One of Three
This week we'll bring you our findings from three days at E3. Without a doubt, game consoles were the big winners at the latest E3 show in Los Angeles, the largest convention for computer games. The PC pales by comparison. At last year's show, Xbox and the GameCube were the highlights, and now, content takes center stage. Nowadays, software is definitely becoming game-oriented, not to mention warrior-like, considering the large number of shooter games. There's no question about it - the new video games have begun a new era. The gamers are no longer just kids - adults have become the majority, which explains our selection of products. Gamers between the ages of 7 and 77 will be pleased!

8 мая 2002
Networld + Interop Vegas: Revenge of the Airwaves.
Wireless networking is hot. We take a look at one of the major networking shows around. Despite the compulsory shrinkage of the event, forced by the recession, exciting new products and innovations keep on coming.

17 апреля 2002
WinHEC 11 - Microsoft's $200 Billion Mosh Pit
Is Microsoft putting a nail in the coffin of PC gaming? Could be. New technologies Freestyle, Mira, and Longhorn take center stage. Also on the agenda, AMD's got an updated product roadmap, MSI sneaks in 845GL, SiS is on 550, VIA has Eden, designing a quiet PC, Trident comes out with the first DX8.1 notebook graphics chip, and just about everything you need to know to build hardware for just about everything Microsoft can squeeze a Windows license out of.

16 марта 2002
CeBIT 2002 - Day 4
The GeForce4 has finally arrived. Tom's Hardware Guide visits the important graphics card manufacturers and brings you reports on the new graphics cards from Abit, Imagination Technologies/Videologic, Gainward, Gigabyte, MSI and AOpen. SiS impresses with its AGP 8x cards and the SIS336 chip.

15 марта 2002
CeBIT 2002 - Days 2 and 3
Hot Topics: DDR400 and VIA KT400A, DDR400 for P4 with SiS 648. And a flood of new motherboards await the user. Tom's Hardware Guide makes the rounds with numerous manufacturers.

14 марта 2002
CeBIT 2002 - Day 1
AMD introduces the Athlon XP 2100+ and presents the Hammer. Intel demonstrates the Pentium 4 with 4.1 GHz. ATi goes for the chipset and motherboard market. Hercules introduces new multimedia products.

28 февраля 2002
IDF Spring 2002 Days 2 and 3
Intel demonstrates a Pentium 4/4000, mentions the specs for the P4 successor 'Prescott' and makes its way towards new form factors. What will continue: support for serial ATA and commitment to DDR SDRAM.

26 февраля 2002
IDF Spring 2002 San Francisco - Day One
The first day of the Intel Developer Forum brought no groundbreaking news. Still, we discovered some interesting facts about their technology.

10 января 2002
Выставка бытовой электроники CES 2002: день второй
CES является выставкой, радующей сердце любителя технологий. Предлагаем репортаж с этого мероприятия, в котором мы осветили большое количество новинок.

9 января 2002
Выставка бытовой электроники CES 2002: день первый
CES является выставкой, радующей сердце любителя технологий. Предлагаем репортаж с этого мероприятия, в котором мы осветили большое количество новинок.

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