Fall Comdex 2002: Day 1

GeForceFX: NVIDIA покоряет Голливуд?

Выставка бытовой электроники CES 2002: день первый

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Fall Comdex 2002 Day 2: Racing Into New Products
Краткое содержание статьи: Who is Astro? We find about the answer this question as well as see some new and exciting products at Comdex Day 2002. In addition we were able to capture a new product from D-Link will make its way on to the market shortly. In addition we check in with Gigabyte, Maxtor, ECS, MSI, SiS, and Transmeta.

Fall Comdex 2002 Day 2: Racing Into New Products

Редакция THG,  20 ноября 2002
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Williams F1

HP had the Williams F1 car in display in their booth this year, and racing around Las Vegas was clearly the theme of the day as we ran from hotel suite to hotel suite to see what we could find outside of the LVCC.

The story of Day 1 of Fall Comdex 2002 was clearly the launch of the GeForceFX. On Day 2 however, the story was perhaps the race from meeting to meeting and hotel suite to hotel suite on the quest to get the latest story. Today we were able to shake the bushes to get two exclusive stories that perhaps give us a reason to get excited. You may find these two stories did not make the splash that GeForceFX did, but nonetheless, Day 2 proved to be pretty exciting in its own right, and we got some exclusive sneak peeks, more than we had bargained for.


In addition to the visits that we made today, Lars is also back with a little more information and commentary on the GeForceFX. There is still no shortage of rumors about the launch of this product. The hallways and showfloor were abuzz with discussion of this product. NVIDIA clearly succeeded in getting people talking about this yet unreleased product. The only people who didn't have a lot to say were clearly the NVIDIA OEMs that we visited with today, who in fact had little information to offer on the GeForceFX. Clearly the obvious question is, "When will cards become available?" and we asked more than one OEM for an answer. The party line was the same: as soon as we have chips from NVIDIA. So, no one has a more specific date for when we'll be able to purchase this monster, and the mystery adds spice to the launch.
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