Fall Comdex 2002: Day 1

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Fall Comdex 2002 Day 3: Monitoring Display Development
Краткое содержание статьи: Today we spent a lot of time focusing on a subject that you continue to question us about, i.e., monitors and flat panel displays. We spent time looking at the latest developments and directions in this technology. In addition, we have a special announcement from Atech Flash, and we check in with Biostar, Asus, and US Robotics.

Fall Comdex 2002 Day 3: Monitoring Display Development

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We continue to receive a great amount of email with questions about the monitor market. The monitor market has changed over the last several years, and we have seen a consolidation of companies in this market space. Now, with the wider acceptance of flat panel LCD displays, monitor companies are once again returning to their former glory. What is perhaps the most unique thing about panels continues to be the fact that it seems that everyone wants one, but most everyone agrees that right now, in most cases, they are too expensive for the vast majority of home users. However, some corporate buyers have been picking up the slack, and this, coupled with even lower prices, has made this technology gain wider acceptance.

While standard monitor technology isn't ready to make an exit just yet, slim and sexy new form factors are the direction in which the technology is headed. While you can expect the price of the typical flat panel monitor to continue to decrease, it is obvious all of the new innovations, like the wider acceptance of 16x9 aspect ratios (widescreen) and base pivot technology, will continue to drive the price of panels downward.

We "monitor" the panel news at Comdex to find out what is happening in this market and when you can expect to be able to afford one, without having to take out a second mortgage on your home.

Biostar - A Commitment To Customer Service

When we met with the folks at Biostar, the first thing that they wanted us to tell everyone is that they continue to work very hard to make customer service the primary focus of each and every sale. Biostar isn't a brand name that many people recognize. What is ironic in fact is that Biostar knows that you don't know who they are, but they are working really hard to enhance brand awareness.

Biostar carries a complete line of products, as well as a complete like of graphics cards based on the NVIDIA and SiS chipsets. Biostar is currently producing motherboards based on the AMD, Intel, VIA, SiS, and NVIDIA chipsets. We last looked at a Biostar motherboard in the article DDR400 for Athlon: A Comparison of 9 Motherboards, in October of this year.

In our discussion with Biostar, it was refreshing to have a company contine to talk about its commitment to customer service. We encouraged Biostar to submit more products for review, as it looks like they are making good progress in the development of their new solutions. The team at Biostar feels that if you give their products a try, you will not be disappointed.

The Biostar K8VHA

Like most motherboard makers, Biostar stands ready with a Hammer solution, as well; all they need is for AMD to release the processors. The Biostar K8VHA.

The Biostar 845GE

The Biostar 845GE solution is the P4TGE.

Biostar graphics card solutions

A look at the Biostar graphics card solutions.

Biostar all in one bare-bones flat panel integrated solution

A look at the Biostar all-in-one, bare-bones, flat panel integrated solution.

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