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10 ноября 2000
Tom's Favorite Gadget - The Nomad Jukebox from Creative
Whoever hasn't got the message by now will never get it. MP3 kicks some major butt because of many reasons. Taking advantage of MP3 is easier than ever before, but until recently, mobile MP3-devices were limited to only an hour of playtime or to shock-sensitive MP3-CDROM devices. Creative's Nomad Jukebox is using a 6 GB notebook hard drive, which offers a tremendous amount of MP3-storage space. However, with a little bit of skill the Jukebox can easily be 'upgraded' to 20 GB or even more.

8 ноября 2000
Suma's Neon MP3 Player: Challenging The Diamond Rio
Being as small as Diamond's Rio and coming with the same 64 MB of memory, Suma's portable MP3 player Neon wants to capture a part of the market.

7 ноября 2000
Mobile CPU Mania
The first article for our evolving notebook section is giving a very comprehensive in-depth overview of all the Intel notebook-processors currently available. You will find information about design, functions and technology as well as the little-known processor upgrade-paths for notebook computers.

25 октября 2000
Amazing Possibilities - The Palm IIIc and Vx
Regardless whether it's a color or monochrome model, these small handhelds are designed to make your personal organization easier. Such PDAs can replace your date and address books. Additional functions such as email, an internet browser, calculator, games and word processing are now part of these products, too.

4 октября 2000
Mobile Musicians: Three MP3-Players
Diamond's Rio 500 is well known. Oneboss is offering their Booster Discman and Creative Labs is launching their Jukebox soon. We compared the three solutions.

27 сентября 2000
Exploration into Microsoft's Windows Millennium
The recently released consumer OS, Win Me, is here to replace Windows 98 but is it worth the change? We take a peek at what Microsoft's latest offering has to offer and how it affects the world of performance as well as stability.

10 сентября 2000
MP3 Guide
MP3's are one of the hottest subjects right now from hardware to political issues. We take a detailed look at what MP3's really are from creation to some of the latest portable hardware devices that play them.

7 сентября 2000
Nice Toy: Jianghai DVD-Player DVP-9000C
Sony, JVC, Panasonic, Pioneer and others are known as good brands for DVD players. We got a no-name player which costs less than $200 and took a close look at it.

7 сентября 2000
Bite Me! Bluetooth is coming
According to the book 'The Innovator's Dilemma' by Clayton M. Christensen the combination of Bluetooth and Internet could be classified as disruptive technology. Indeed, Bluetooth is definitely much more than just a cable replacement.

31 августа 2000
Digital Multi-Talent: Sony DCR-PC100E
Test Case: Sony's digital video camera DCR-PC100E. Apart from a connection to the PC via a Firewire interface, this compact camera also offers interesting features such as a night vision mode and a Megapixel sensor for still pictures.

20 мая 2000
Crystal Ball Dataquest Predicts Conference in San Jose
At the beginning of May Dataquest held their annual Predicts Conference in San Jose. The event covers a variety of topics and gives an outlook on future trends in the electronics industry.

17 марта 2000
Beyond the PC
Processors for Workstations and Communcation Devices

18 февраля 2000
Second Hand Smoke - It's Goodbye for Now
This is it. My final column for Tom's, for now at least. Out with a bang on everything from ATI, and Nvidia, to PlayStation 2, and Internet economy.

3 февраля 2000
Transmeta introduces Crusoe
Transmeta, the secretive semiconductor company from Santa Clara, finally introduced the first two chips of their new processor line named Crusoe at the end of January. With a different software-based design approach these processors promise to deliver high-performance at very little power consumption.

7 января 2000
Second Hand Smoke - Gizmo Fever
When I covered home networking a few weeks ago, I didn't know that CES 2000 would be primarily an orgy of gizmos and the networked home. Is it desperation, or something worth getting excited about?

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