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20 декабря 2001
Music Across Your Home Network? - AudioTron
Playing digital music across your home network without a computer can now be a reality. The Turtle Beach AudioTron allows you to use the power of your home audio system to access your vast collection of MP3, WMA, and WAV files from your computer. We will look at the AudioTron and find out if it lives up to it's claim that it's one of the first true home network appliances.

12 декабря 2001
General-Purpose Inkjet Printers in Review
Inkjet printers by the four leading manufacturers jockey for position in the $100-$300 range. They offer some attractive features, such as 20 pages per minute printing, separate cartridges, six colors and resolutions over 2400 dpi. Read on to find out the extensive results from over 20 tests, including quality, speed, cost per page and all the rest.

4 декабря 2001
The Battle Of The Consoles: From Atari's 2600 To Microsoft's Xbox
A quick and dirty history of electronic gaming: console Vs. PC and back again. And who stands to make more from this battle: ATI or Nvidia?

30 ноября 2001
Raising PC Audio Standards To Hi-Fi Levels: Audiotrak Maya 7.1 Gold and CARDamp
On-board sound systems are standard today. However, the quality of codecs meets only basic requirements such as system and application sound output. If you want high fidelity sound, you might want to upgrade your sound system. We introduce two interesting products from Audiotrak: Maya 7.1 Gold, a high-quality sound card at $129, and a PC amplifier called CARDamp.

9 ноября 2001
Joysticks For Flight Simulation Using A Lever To Fly A Plane!
Flight simulators are making a comeback, with Flight Simulator 2002 and IL-2 Sturmovik in the vanguard. There's nothing like a joystick for that flying feeling! So we have decided to review the types of joysticks that are best suited for flight simulation programs, from the simplest model to the most sophisticated.

26 октября 2001
Optical Mice: The Fall/Winter Collection
Only 59 shopping days to Christmas so, it's safe to start thinking about treating yourself to a bag full of goodies. This week we take a look at the optical mouse, both from a gamers and general user perspective.

17 октября 2001
KVM Switches - Running The THG Obstacle Course
Keyboard/Video/Mouse Switches aren't only for the rich and famous any longer! We look at 5 KVM switches that can handle many needs at a reasonable cost.

27 сентября 2001
Big Sound, Low Price: Creative Audigy
Creative Labs is bringing out a new range of sound cards based on a new DSP by E-Mu assisted by 24-bit converters. Linked with a new games library, the Advanced HD, the Audigy card is aimed at both game players and musicians who will benefit from the ASIO drivers. And as a bonus, Creative provides a FireWire port. Here is the low-down on a multimedia card that approaches professional standards.

25 сентября 2001
More Than A SoundBlaster
Before our monster Audigy review, we take a look at other audio cards for gamers from Creative, Hercules, Aureal, Philips, and Turtle Beach.

20 августа 2001
We Take The Lid Off NICs From 3Com, Intel And SMC
This is our first review to kick off Tom's Networking Guide. We've taken some time to explore the technologies and performance of 3Com 3C905C-TX, 3Com 3CR990-TX-97, 3Com 3CSOHO100-TX, SMC 1211TX, and Intel Pro/100+ Management Adapter NICs.

3 августа 2001
XP For Hardware
October 25 Microsoft will release their new operating system Windows XP. They claim it is the biggest upgrade of their operating-system family since Windows 95 was released, both with respect to 'look and feel' and the technology behind the scenes. It may not be what the hardware enthusiast is looking for, though.

UPDATE 29 августа 2001
Digital Video Editing: The Matrox RT2500
The successor to the Matrox RT2000 is now available for $999. This video editing system targets hobby filmmakers and semi-professionals, adding compatibility with any 3D graphics adapter as well as Windows 2000 support.

21 июня 2001
Freaky Geek-Wear: GearGrip By Case Ace?
Do you often find yourself carrying your PC system around from place to place? The GearGrip just might make your life a little easier.

23 мая 2001
E3 - The Game Industry Goes Gaga
While the rest of the high tech industry languishes in the doldrums, the game industry heats up for a battle royale between Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo.

18 апреля 2001
Multimedia-Center from Lan-Plus: The Integra
The Integra claims to be an all-in-one computer without handicaps. Made of common hardware components, this goal seems to be within reach.

26 марта 2001
GDC - Where Goes Gaming
THG took some time to meander and wander through the Game Developer Conference in San Jose last week. In the process we look at the tenuous position of Xbox, the opportunities for PC gamers, and riff on the future of online gamelets.

13 февраля 2001
Smart and Universal: Flotec's Pockey Drive vs. Trek's ThumbDrive
The ThumbDrive is based on Flash memory, Flotec's Pockey consists of a 2.5' hard drive. Which one is the better portable USB storage solution?

5 февраля 2001
ATi Releases Mobility RADEON
After NVIDIA's announcement of Geforce2 Go ATi is now striking back. The market leader in the mobile segment releases the ATi Mobility RADEON. We took a good look at both chips, including a bunch of benchmarks.

30 января 2001
Pentium 4 Systems - To Buy or Not To Buy / To Cry Or Not to Cry
Have you become interested in one of those Pentium 4 systems for 'only' $1500? Have you maybe even considered buying such a Pentium 4 system? This article will separate truth from fiction and answer the question if there is any sense in spending your money on one of those new Pentium 4 machines. Tom compares two Dell Dimension 8100 Pentium 4 systems with two equally priced Athlon systems from Gateway and Micron to save you from making the wrong decision.

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Лучшая видеокарта для игр: текущий анализ рынка
Лучшая видеокарта для игр: текущий анализ рынка

Выбрать лучшую видеокарту для игр непросто - для кого-то лучшей может быть самая доступная видеокарта, для других самая производительная. Мы стараемся учитывать все факторы и публикуем ежемесячно обновляемый материал, в котором стараемся рекомендовать действительно лучшую видеокарту для игр в любой ценовой категории - от дешевле $100 до топового сегмента.
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Лучший компьютерный корпус: текущий анализ рынка
Лучший компьютерный корпус: текущий анализ рынка

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Лаборатория Tom's Hardware Guide сравнила производительность 77 процессоров с частотами до 3,8 ГГц. Вместе с тем мы рассмотрели продвижения в технологиях процессоров, произошедшие после прошлогоднего сводного тестирования.

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