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The Return of the Jedi - Cyrix and IBM
Краткое содержание статьи: Since in the beginning of April almost the whole computer world was looking at AMD, when the glorious K6 CPU was launched

The Return of the Jedi - Cyrix and IBM's 6x86MX CPU

Редакция THG,  30 мая 1997
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Since in the beginning of April almost the whole computer world was looking at AMD, when the glorious K6 CPU was launched, people almost started forgetting about Cyrix/IBM and their promised 6x86MX (M2) CPU. Lots of people were very disappointed in Cyrix, because they were obviously not able to offer a fast product at a decent time and the informations that were given weren't too encouraging either. The K6 got a lot of publicity and still AMD is unable to satisfy the market with their chips, so nobody spoke about this late comer Cyrix/IBM anymore.

Luckily I was contacted by IBM at the CeBIT, since my visit at Cyrix turned out to be a huge disappointment. And so I got all the information about how the 6x86MX (M2) was doing and could even see it 'grow'. The chip should have been released quite a bit earlier, but some nasty bugs in the chip always thwarted the launch. Eventually in the 3rd week of May the silicon was free of bugs and now the day of the launch wasn't far anymore. Whilst I'm writing this I still don't know when the actual launch date will be.

The new 6x86MX (M2) is a chip that's quite surprising, as you will see when you read on. I personally was almost burying Cyrix after the K6 came out. However the rebels from the Cyrix/IBM clan are still ready to fight and they will join the fight against the Empire even at a higher level than the AMD Jedi.

The 6x86MX (M2) runs at only 2.8 V, so that you won't need a board with any special voltage requirement other than for the Intel Pentium MMX. The latest BIOS versions of the motherboards should already include all the performance enhancement settings for the 6x86MX (M2)'s control registers. There's a program called M2OPT and IBMM2 out, which can do this manually. There was a little compatibility bug in the 6x86MX (M2) rev. 1.2, which required that you manually switch off the CPUID register before starting NT, since it wouldn't boot otherwise, but the rev. 1.3 is free from that. Other than this I didn't come across any incompatibilities whatsoever. I leave the search for bugs to this few crazy people that haven't got anything better to do. So far the 6x86MX (M2) seems bug free to me.
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