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Краткое содержание статьи: KryoTech's newest high-end system makes it the currently fastest PC in the whole wide world. For $2,200 you get a box with amazing overall performance, regardless if you're a professional workstation user or a gamer.

KryoTech's Cool Athlon 900MHz

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KryoTech's Cool Athlon 900MHz

It's only been a couple weeks since AMD released their Athlon processor at 700MHz. With the launch of the 650MHz CPU, KryoTech was able to push this CPU to 800MHz. Now that AMD has launched the 700, KryoTech now is able to offer a 900MHz unit. We were excited to get this system up and running with the latest and greatest equipment to see what this thing could do.

KryoTech's 800MHz unit was the fastest unit ever to be powered up in our labs. Back in August we provided all the details and photos in our KryoTech's Cool Athlon 800MHz Review. This time, with the new 900MHz model, I decided to team up the fastest PC-platform with the fastest 3D-card available, and plugged in the new GeForce 256 with 32MB 150MHz (300MHz)DDR memory.

KryoTech Guts

Here is an illustration showing the guts of the unit.

The new $2200.00 model is shipped in a bare bones configuration which includes a chassis with an Athlon approved 300 watt power supply, KryoTech's specially designed refrigeration hardware and CPU cavity, Athlon motherboard (our unit has a Microstar MS-6167) and a 900MHz AMD Athlon processor. As with the 800MHz version, this new unit is endorsed by AMD and backed by KryoTech's 1year warranty.

Besides being an extremely fast system, the KryoTech is also one of the heaviest PCs around (60+ lbs.). So for all of you serious gamers out there that plan on hefting this thing to all of the LAN parties, you better invest in some sort of dolly so that you can roll this monster to its destination. Many people have inquired about the noise the KryoTech system produces. Yes, the tower does provide a bit more noise than a typical system. The best way to describe the noise produced is to compare it to one of those dorm room miniature refrigerators. The unit however, is much quieter in comparison to our lab's main server that has a front mounted chassis fan. How long does it take this thing to boot? Actually, it's not as time consuming as one might think. The two Athlon based KryoTech's we have boot rather quickly, usually within about 30 - 45 seconds. Once you hit the button on the chassis the KryoTech refrigeration hardware starts first and chills the CPU to down to -36 degrees Celsius, then supplies power to the system board. Also, because the Athlon CPU is contained in the KryoTech cavity and the heat from the processor is removed via the refrigeration units conduit, the inside of the system chassis runs cooler than a standard Athlon system that uses a typical fan and heat sink. Less heat in the system chassis is obviously a good thing.
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