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21 декабря 2000
Processors On The Rocks VOL. 2
We supplied you with the technology and physics behind Asetek's super cooling solution and now we finally deliver the actual test results. Can Vapochill live up to Asetek's claims? Is it the new overclocker's dream?

11 декабря 2000
Lord Kryo Puts His Hands on 17 Coolers
Extreme overclocking often fails due to insufficient CPU cooling. We have tested 17 different coolers and tell you which models are most suitable for overclocking.

6 декабря 2000
Pentium 4 vs. Athlon - Final Recount
The final showdown between Pentium 4 and Athlon took place under Windows 2000. Is the AMD-optimized FlasK-version able to beat Pentium 4? How do the two opponents under the brand new BAPCo Webmark2001? Do you want to see the first results of Athlon at 1400 and 1466 MHz? Then don't miss our FIFTH Pentium 4 article!

25 ноября 2000
Painting a New Picture of Pentium 4 - Tweaked MPEG4 Encoding
Since my last article about Pentium 4 Intel was far from lazy. While Intel's US-employees enjoyed the Thanksgiving holiday, their European colleagues were busy working on a tweak for FlasK MPEG that sheds a very different light on Pentium 4's video-encoding performance. Don't miss those new insights!

22 ноября 2000
Important Pentium 4 Evaluation Update
Our Pentium 4 review from Monday ended with a rather benevolent conclusion for Intel's new flagship processor. However, new data shows that Pentium 4 performs horribly even in MPEG4-encoding, once you use high quality settings. Those new findings don't leave a lot of room for positive feelings about Pentium 4. This update will show you another weakness of Pentium 4, which inevitably leads to much harsher conclusions.

20 ноября 2000
Intel's New Pentium 4 Processor
Equipped with an exciting brand new design Intel's new flagship is getting ready to step out into the open. Get ready for the most controversial x86-processor of all times. Find out if you are the working class kind of guy with Athlon-ambitions or rather the stylish Yuppie that needs Pentium 4 even if it's only to be cool. Here it comes, the battle style against power.

7 ноября 2000
Mobile CPU Mania
The first article for our evolving notebook section is giving a very comprehensive in-depth overview of all the Intel notebook-processors currently available. You will find information about design, functions and technology as well as the little-known processor upgrade-paths for notebook computers.

6 ноября 2000
Socket 7: Fit For Years To Come!
Though already proclaimed dead, Socket7 can still be found in many PCs. Speedy CPUs from AMD are perfect for boosting performance without the need for a major system upgrade. We compared three CPUs from AMD: K6-2, K6-2+, and K6-III+.

3 ноября 2000
Processors On The Rocks - Asetek's VapoChill
Are you interested in running your high-end processor at 30-60% higher clock speed and don't hesitate to spend $650 on that? Then you should have a close look at Asetek's new VapoChill. It cools down any Socket370 or SocketA processor to -19°C (-2°F) and your overclocking orgy can begin.

30 октября 2000
DDR-SDRAM Has Finally Arrived
Today AMD is launching the 760 chipset, providing the first official platform with DDR SDRAM support. Will this new memory type be able to live up to the high expectations that were generated in the last 12 months? We tested PC2100 DDR SDRAM on two Athlon platforms with AMD760 chipset and one Pentium III platform with VIA's upcoming Apollo Pro266.

17 октября 2000
AMD Extends Performance Lead With New Athlon and Duron Processor
You never were able to get so much processing power for so little money. AMD releases Athlon 1200, the fastest x86 processor and Duron 800, the most powerful low-cost processor that ever existed. None of the two goes for another superlative in terms of pricing.

16 октября 2000
Intel Roadmap News 10/2000 - Part Two, Intel's Future Mobile and Server/Workstation Products
Intel's recent roadmap for notebook products looks quite jolly. Already in the beginning of next year we will see the first Giga Hertz processor for mobile platforms and mobile Pentium III processors at up to 1.26 GHz will arrive soon afterwards as well. The workstation and server roadmap is not quite as interesting, except for the fact that Intel is counting a lot on 'Third Party' chipset makers to provide non-RDRAM platforms for those systems.

13 октября 2000
HOT! Update Of Intel Roadmap News!
Yesterday we published the desktop part of our latest Intel Roadmap News, but new intelligence has come in that's changing the point of view in several highly important regards. The most important and shocking message is this: Pentium 4 and Socket423 will only be a transitional product and soon replaced by 'Northwood' and Socket478!!!

12 октября 2000
Intel Roadmap News 10/2000 - Part One, Desktop Processors And Chipsets
It has been rather quiet in our Intel roadmap department for the last six months, but finally we could get hold of Intel's future plans. The roadmap turned out to be rather interesting, with some even surprising news. Find out about future Pentium III and Pentium 4 processors as well as the according chipsets. You might be surprised to!

28 сентября 2000
Tuning Extreme: Overclocking with the Asus A7V
A small modification on the voltage controller of the Asus A7V improves the overclocking capabilities of AMD's Athlon and Duron processors. The actual trick: Stable overclocking due to a higher core voltage.

25 сентября 2000
AMD vs. Intel: The best CPU for MPEG-4.
MPEG-4 - the space-saving video format - is the current trend. A growing number of users are converting their video material to MPEG-4. We've tested the most important processors from AMD and Intel.

1 сентября 2000
Qubits and The Number 42 - 12th Annual Hot Chips Conference in Palo Alto
Every summer the Stanford University in Palo Alto hosts the Hot Chips Conference sponsored by the IEEE. Besides reflecting trends in the semiconductor industry, it also explores the forefront of technology. But the emphasis is always on the technical details of real chips, not on theoretical research or marketing hype.

28 августа 2000
Intel Admits Problems With Pentium III 1.13 GHz - Production and Shipments Halted
We just reported our latest bad experiences with Intel's recently released high-end processor. While I asked Intel to consider the retraction of their Pentium III 1.13 GHz processors once more, I couldn't know how close Intel was to actually do exactly that. Read the full scoop on the situation.

28 августа 2000
AMD's Latest Thunderbird - SocketA Athlon at 1.1 GHz
In the last 12 months we have learned that AMD's Athlon architecture is built for clock speed. In June AMD released the first Athlon with on-die second level cache for SocketA, better known under its code name 'Thunderbird'. After ramping up production AMD finally launched the latest 'Thunderbird' for 1.1 GHz clock speed. This new and powerful Athlon 1100 will actually ship now and ship in volume, which is a major difference to Intel's flaky Pentium III at 1.13 GHz.

28 августа 2000
Latest Update On Intel's 1.13 GHz Pentium III
You certainly remember our negative experiences with the 1.13 GHz Pentium III processor that we received for reviewing four weeks ago. We concluded that Intel should consider the retraction of this chip. In a joint venture between us, HardOCP and AnandTech we found out that three different 1.13 GHz Pentium III samples were unable to pass our Linux kernel compilation test. Other instabilities were seen as well. It seems obvious that Intel's latest chip is indeed a flawed product.

8 августа 2000
Modifying An Asus A7V Motherboard For Duron-Overclocking
All new AMD Duron and T-Bird processors are equipped with a fixed multiplier. With a bit of work the A7V can be modified to get around that problem.

1 августа 2000
Revisiting Intel's New Pentium III at 1.13 GHz
Two days ago I was supplying you with my findings and thoughts of Intel's new Super-CPU. At that time I assumed that the instability issues were caused by the lack of a micro code update. Today I received this update, but the instability remains. I also found another well-known hardware reviewer who ran into similar problems. This raises one serious question. Is Intel shipping faulty processors?

31 июля 2000
Intel's Next Paper Release - The Pentium III at 1133 MHz
After the shameful defeat in the Giga Hertz race Intel is now trying to leapfrog AMD. By squeezing the last bit of performance out of the well-known Coppermine core Intel created a very fast processor. The fact that it is the most unreliable and instable CPU Intel has ever released equalizes the fact that it will hardly be available.

28 июля 2000
Intel Celeron Overclocking Guide
Thanks to the Coppermine core, the new Celeron processors are great for overclocking. We dealt with this topic and found out the maximum performance you can get out of a Celeron.

20 июля 2000
Intel Celeron Performance Guide
According to Intel, the Celeron is a low-cost processor for office computers. Giving it the same platform as the Pentium III, you will get decent performance for little money.

13 июля 2000
600 MHz with Socket 7: The AMD K6-2+
With the help of modern components an old PC system based on Socket 7 can almost achieve the performance of current PCs. We took the old boards to the limit.

11 июля 2000
Overclocking AMD's Socket Processors
The riddle has been solved. We are proud to announce that we can now present all the right settings of the little copper bridges on the new AMD processors for each clock speed. We've also got some suggestion on how to open or close those little bridges. Overclocking Thunderbird and Duron will now be a lot easier than it used to be with Athlon and it will work on any motherboard.

10 июля 2000
Tom's Blurb: Overclocking AMD's Socket A Processors
Overclocking AMD's new Socket A processors goes in the next round. While AMD is planning to lock the multiplier of all new Socket A processors so that it can't be altered on the motherboard, we can give you some details on how to alter the voltage and multiplier settings right on the CPU. NVIDIA is not happy with Gainward's super-duper GeForce 2 GTS card, Intel admits that SDRAM beats RDRAM and the Tomshardware-team has reason to celebrate. All that is covered in this mammoth-blurb!

23 июня 2000
Overclocking AMD's Thunderbird and Duron Processor
So you think that fiddling a bit with the bus clock of Duron or Thunderbird deserves the name overclocking? Find out how easy it is to alter the clock multiplier of those processors! Stand in awe to see Duron run at 950 MHz and Thunderbird go up to 1100 MHz!

21 июня 2000
The Need for Speed: Embedded Processor Forum in San Jose
At the recent Embedded Processor Forum (EPF) in San Jose, California, quite a few companies introduced new designs tailored for the market of embedded applications. This new generation of embedded chips promises high-performance combined with low power consumption.

19 июня 2000
The Celeron Killer - AMD's New Duron Processor
Finally AMD has launched its low/mid range processor by the name of Duron. Its Athlon inheritance makes it very strong. In fact Duron wipes the floor with Intel's Celeron processor and gets even close to Athlon and Pentium III.

5 июня 2000
AMD's Thunderbird finally fully fledged
'Smaller and Faster' is the motto of AMD's new Athlon processor with 'Thunderbird' core. AMD's new processor is coming with 256 kB on-die and full-speed second level cache, which boosts particularly the integer performance of the new Athlon. We've put this CPU through our test suite and can tell you that we were rather pleased with the results.

11 мая 2000
Pentium III Performance Guide
Our latest guide for Coppermine overclocking, including performance numbers. See which CPUs are suited best for overclocking and which models are still too expensive.

15 апреля 2000
Roadmap 2000 Tidbits from AMD and Intel
What is happening in the processor scene this year? Tom gives you some insight of what we can expect within the next 8 months.

12 апреля 2000
Processor and Chipset Tables: How to Configure a CPU Correctly
For all of you who want to build or upgrade your own PC system we introduce these tables as quick reference. They already include the new gigahertz CPUs from Intel and AMD. Also new: the Cyrix III Joshua from VIA. Everything that you can't find in a manual can be read here!

20 марта 2000
The Giga-Battle Part 2
The Giga-fight isn't quite over yet. Giga-Athlon was still able to make a good figure against Giga-Pentium III in SPECviewperf, but so far we hadn't used the Giga-RDRAM chipset i840. Find out what Giga-i840 is able to throw into the equation!

17 марта 2000
Beyond the PC
Processors for Workstations and Communcation Devices

14 марта 2000
The Giga Battle
The truth about AMD's and Intel's new processors running at 1 GHz. We compared the two on a wide variety of platforms, of course even including good old BX.

29 февраля 2000
FC-PGA Pentium III on Celeron PGA370/Slot1 Converter Cards
Soon FC-PGA/Slot1 adapters will become available, but for those who cannot wait we supply detailed information how to 'recycle' your old 'slocket' card.

25 февраля 2000
IDF Report
Pentium IV Willamette 1,5 GHz, Itanium, Timna, Serial ATA and USB 2.0 are the news. But behind the scenes of the Intel Developer Forum strange things happened.

17 февраля 2000

At the International Solid-State Circuit Conference in San Francisco several companies described designs for microprocessors with 1 GHz clock speed. AMD demonstrated a system with a 1 GHz Athlon from its fab in Dresden, Germany.

3 февраля 2000
Transmeta introduces Crusoe
Transmeta, the secretive semiconductor company from Santa Clara, finally introduced the first two chips of their new processor line named Crusoe at the end of January. With a different software-based design approach these processors promise to deliver high-performance at very little power consumption.

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