The New Athlon Processor - AMD Is Finally Overtaking Intel

The Giga Battle

The Giga-Battle Part 2

Overclocking AMD's Thunderbird and Duron Processor

Review of Final i815/Solano Chipset

Tom's Blurb: Overclocking AMD's Socket A Processors

Intel's New Weapon - The Coppermine

Revisiting Intel's New Pentium III at 1.13 GHz

Latest Update On Intel's 1.13 GHz Pentium III

Intel Admits Problems With Pentium III 1.13 GHz - Production and Shipments Halted

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Краткое содержание статьи: After the shameful defeat in the Giga Hertz race Intel is now trying to leapfrog AMD. By squeezing the last bit of performance out of the well-known Coppermine core Intel created a very fast processor. The fact that it is the most unreliable and instable CPU Intel has ever released equalizes the fact that it will hardly be available.

Intel's Next Paper Release -<BR>The Pentium III at 1133 MHz

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AMD Has No Reasons To Be Too Bothered

Different to Intel, AMD was actually well capable of shipping their Giga-Athlon and today they are happily selling their new Athlon, based on the 'Thunderbird' core at 1 GHz as well. The fact that the vast majority of Giga Hertz systems are actually equipped with Athlon rather than Pentium III processors made AMD so confident, that they couldn't really be bothered to beat Intel in the race for the next speed grade beyond 1 GHz. While the normal users out there might not know about this, people in the hardware reviewing scene are well aware of the fact that AMD has shipped their 1.1 GHz Thunderbird samples to publications already weeks ago, while Intel was just able to get the rare samples of the Pentium III 1.133 GHz to the reviewers in the second half of last week. AMD is planning to launch their Thunderbird-Athlon 1.1 GHz in late August, giving us the chance to review the sample with ample time. Intel however shipped out their samples in the last minute, which proves who of the two companies is really able to actually produce 'Beyond-Giga-Processors' right now.

Taking A Step Backwards? New 'Beyond-Giga' Pentium III Comes Only For Slot1

Intel Pentium III - Socket 370, Slot 1

There is already one rather annoying thing about Intel's new 'Larger-Than-Life' processor. Just as its older brother at 1 GHz it comes as Slot1 version only. Technically there is no reason whatsoever and from a company philosophy point of view it doesn't seem to make any sense as well. After all we have learned that Intel wants to abandon Slot1 as soon as possible and switch all their latest processors to the FC-PGA package for Socket370. The latter is easier to handle, it's more future proof and more versatile, since you can run it in both, Slot1 (with adapter) as well as Socket370. Slot1-models can only be plugged into Slot1-platforms and those are slowly but surely dying out. Why is Intel still supplying Pentium III at 1 and 1.133 GHz for Slot1 only? I guess there are a few reasons to consider. First of all those processors are produced in very small numbers only, which results in a complete lack of those types in the retail market. This market however is the one where people make a difference between FC-PGA and Slot1, so why would Intel care? Instead those few processors are only going into the OEM-channel, ending up in ready-built systems. The rules in this arena are very different to the retail market. It might well be that OEMs prefer Slot1 for some unfathomable reason. The last and possibly most likely reason that I can see is the fact that by keeping the Giga-and Beyond-Pentium III processors at Slot1 only, Intel makes sure that nobody will combine those CPUs with its new PC133 SDRAM based chipset i815 (Solano). After all Intel is still trying to make a point that Rambus is the best memory solution, even though their own benchmarks prove the opposite, and by making a Giga-Solano combination impossible Rambus should be very pleased. Whatever the reason may be, Slot1 is dying out! Look at the websites of motherboard makers and you will see that all the new products are Socket370 solutions. Going for a Slot1 platform right now is betting on the wrong horse.
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