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Краткое содержание статьи: After the shameful defeat in the Giga Hertz race Intel is now trying to leapfrog AMD. By squeezing the last bit of performance out of the well-known Coppermine core Intel created a very fast processor. The fact that it is the most unreliable and instable CPU Intel has ever released equalizes the fact that it will hardly be available.

Intel's Next Paper Release -<BR>The Pentium III at 1133 MHz

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Some Specs Of The Wonder-Processor

Intel Pentium III 1133 MHz Markings

Let me give you some facts about the new 'Faster-Than-Your-Toaster' Pentium III:

  • It's manufactured in.18 micron process, just as all the other 'Coppermine' Pentium III processors.
  • It requires the whooping core voltage of 1.75 V by default. Normal Coppermines' only require 1.65 V. This increases the power hunger of that CPU over the Giga-Pentium III (1.7 V) significantly by already at least 3%, plus the 13% required by the higher clock speed, summing up to over 16 % more power hunger. Please forget the fairy tale from the fishy publication that claims 35 W of instead of 33 W of the Giga-Pentium III. It doesn't require more than simple math to see that this claim is just as wrong as the rest published there.
  • The clock divider or multiplier is of course locked and obviously x8.5. There is no big surprise why Intel is hopping from 1 GHz to 1.133 GHz, omitting 1.066 MHz, because anyone would expect a bit more than a pathetic clock speed increase of 6.6 % from a new CPU.
  • It's Slot1 only, so forget about Solano (i815) platforms.
  • It comes with a heat sink that is also larger than life. The heat sink can hardly be used in any motherboard, because it reaches down right to the PCB. Most motherboards have the large filtering caps right next to the Slot1-connector, which makes the usage of this heat sink impossible.

    Intel Pentium III 1133 MHz Heatsink

  • It's supposed to cost $990 US, but this price is hypothetical of course, since you won't be able to buy it anywhere. It's for OEMs only.
  • At the current moment you can only run it in Intel's VC820 motherboard with the latest micro code update.
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