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Статьи и обзоры, выпущенные в 2001

24 ноября 2001
Второе THG видео: Разгон Athlon XP/MP
Видео THG открывает новые горизонты - в нем наглядно продемонстрированы все шаги, требующиеся для разгона AMD Athlon XP/MP - в разрешении 768x576 (эквивалентно полному разрешению ТВ).

16 ноября 2001
AMD Duron 1200 атакует Pentium 4
Новый процессор AMD для дешёвого ценового сегмента является прямым конкурентом Celeron 1200. Мы решили проверить, насколько Duron 1200 хорош по сравнению с дешёвыми процессорами Intel.

12 ноября 2001
Plastic Surgery: Releasing The Athlon XP To Hit 2000+
Detailed instructions and benchmark tests show how we've managed to release the multiplier on all the Athlon XP CPUs. And the best part is, we've got all the benchmarks for the Athlon XP 2000+.

5 ноября 2001
AMD Turns Up The Heat: Athlon XP 1900+
The new AMD flagship is the Athlon XP 1900+. Will it manage to widen its lead on arch-rival Intel?

31 октября 2001
Athlon XP Meets P4: A Comparison Of All CPUs
We've got a monster comparison of CPUs highlighting the struggle between Athlon XP and Pentium 4. New benchmarks crown the performance leader as well as the winner for best price/performance ratio.

29 октября 2001
Расслабляемся: THG посещает AMD
Небольшой шаг для инженеров-электронщиков, но важный шаг для владельцев Palomino. Видео THG наглядно показало слабость процессоров на ядре Palomino, которые используются на современных материнских платах. AMD ответила, предоставив решение для подобных проблем в будущем. И мы предлагаем вам ознакомиться с этим решением.

29 октября 2001
Radical Make-Over: Water Cooling From Koolance
The last barebones Koolance system we tested got some harsh criticism. We put to the test an entirely new water cooling system for overclocking AMD Athlons & Pentium IIIs.

19 октября 2001
MPF 2001 - Servers And Workstation CPUs Take Center Stage
There was a dramatic drop-off in attendance at this year's Microprocessor Forum, but the server market is going to heat up with AMD joining the fray with Intel, Sun, and IBM. We got a first look at AMD's Athlon 2000+ XP, ATI's Xilleon, Intel's IA-32 and IA-64 roadmaps, Via's C5 roadmap, and more discussions on the MHz processor game.

9 октября 2001
AMD Introduces AthlonXP Processor - Performance Matters!
The wait is finally over. Today AMD is releasing its first desktop processor based on the 'Palomino' core under the name AthlonXP. The launch of AthlonXP is also marking AMD's step away from the usual clock frequency rating of processors to a new rating system suggesting 'relative performance'. I consider this the real big deal about today's launch. It requires a lot of discussion.

5 октября 2001
A New Lease On Life - How To Make Your PC 5 Times Faster
Lots of users own a sluggish PC system. The best way to pep up your system is to replace old components with new ones. With our help, you can bring your system up to snuff and increase the performance by up to 500 percent!

3 октября 2001
Lo-Cost Duel: Duron 1100 vs. Celeron 1200
It doesn't get any cheaper than this: both manufacturers offer entry-level 1 GHz CPUs for less than $130. How fast are they in comparison to the high-end processors -- which is a better choice, AMD or Intel?

19 сентября 2001
Last Passing Maneuver: Tualatin 1266 With 512 KB Versus Athlon And P4
The Pentium III Tualatin with 0.13-micron process is now available with a double-wide L2 cache. The 512 KB helps the Tualatin reach higher speeds.

17 сентября 2001
Горячо! Как современные процессоры защищены от перегрева?
Обзоры систем охлаждения становятся все более популярными. Люди желают быть уверены, что их микропроцессоры работают холодно и безопасно. Однако при определенных условиях вентилятор кулера может отказать, да и сам кулер может просто отпасть от процессора. Мы проверили, что случится с процессорами в таком печальном сценарии.

29 августа 2001
Hot Microprocessor News
Intel just released its new 2 GHz Pentium 4 while AMD dropped its processor pricing by more than half. That's what happened Monday, but what is waiting for us tomorrow? Will Intel continue the GHz-race with its new 'Northwood' chip and how? Will AMD be able to tackle the huge clock speed gap between Pentium 4 and Athlon? What are the microprocessor makers cooking right now? A huge pile of sizzling news just fell into our lap and we can't wait to share them with you.

UPDATE 27 августа 2001
Intel Beats AMD To 2 GHz
Revenge is sweet. Today is marking an important day for the big chipmaker from Santa Clara. After losing the 1 GHz processor race last year, Intel is now ready to ship the first 2 GHz processor way ahead of its competition. We checked to see if there is more to it than just high clock speed.

26 августа 2001
Tom's Blurb: Who's Screwing Who?
The PC bizz is bad or rather outright evil. We all know that and yet we still get upset or surprised about the latest unfair move of this or that company. There's several bully championships going on right now and we decided to have a closer look.

21 августа 2001
AMD's Duron Reaches The Giga Hertz Barrier
Yesterday AMD launched today's launch of their value processor Duron at 1 GHz . To create at least a little excitement AMD didn't just release a faster version of the well-known Duron CPU, but equipped the new Giga Hertz version with a more advanced core known under the code name 'Morgan'. We are having a look to find out if this had any significant impact on Duron's performance.

6 июля 2001
Barebones PC Cooling Tower: A Showy Case From Koolance
Koolance offers a complete cooling solution in the shape of a PC case - a water cooling system is used to cool the CPU, graphics card and power supply. We examined the system inside and out by putting it through our endurance tests.

2 июля 2001
First Look At Brookdale - Intel's Upcoming 845 Chipset
Pentium 4 sales remain low, which is not entirely the fault of the price/performance of Intel's flagship processor. Current i850 platforms require Rambus' expensive and unpopular RDRAM, which reduces Pentium 4's appeal to the buyers even more. Soon Intel will come up with an alternative to i850 plus RDRAM. In a few weeks we will have the chance to spend our money for an even crazier solution. The i845 chipset will team up Pentium 4 with the slow and ageing PC133 memory. We tested this bizarre combination.

12 июня 2001
HOT! An Early Look At The New Pentium III (Tualatin or Coppermine-T?)
Somehow one of those new Pentium III (Tualatin or Coppermine-T?) processors with the famous clock speed 1.13 GHz happened to fall in our lap. We think that for historical reason it should be us and nobody else, who tests Intel's second attempt to manufacture a Pentium III at this clock speed, so we gave the still 'secret' chip a good test run. Now we understand why Intel doesn't know if it should release it or not. Once overclocked to more than 1.4 GHz it is able to threaten Intel's fastest Pentium 4 processors.

8 июня 2001
AMD's Athlon 1400 and Duron 950
On Computex-Wednesday AMD released Athlon 1400 and Duron 950. This article contains extensive benchmark data to compare the new processors to previous AMD as well as Intel CPUs.

UPDATE 5 июня 2001
Computex: AMD Releases 760MP Chipset For Dual AthlonMP
We had to wait a long time for the release of AMD's SMP platform, but now, almost 2 years after the first release of the Athlon processor, we can finally experience a system based on two Athlon processors. The processor for the AMD760MP chipset is also new, based on the long anticipated 'Palomino'-core and going by the name AthlonMP. This gives us the first chance to look at the improved performance of Palomino in comparison with its predecessor 'Thunderbird'.

28 мая 2001
A Home-Grown Water Cooler for 115 Dollars
Extreme cooling for overclockers - using a liquid cooling system allows any CPU to be optimally overclocked. We show you how to build an inexpensive water cooler, step by step.

21 мая 2001
Can't Touch This! - A Comparison of 46 CPU Coolers
The most extensive comparative test of all time pits the new generation of CPU coolers against the older competition. Complex designs and precious materials set the coolers apart from the pack.

UPDATE 18 мая 2001
The First Palomino - AMD Releases Mobile Athlon 4
Latest since Intel's Pentium 4 launch last year people were wondering when AMD would release its next processor design to stay ahead of Intel. The code name of 'Thunderbird's' successor is already known for a long while. At last 'Palomino' was finally christened 'Athlon 4' and it debuts as AMD's new performance weapon in the notebook arena against Intel's aging Mobile Pentium III. 'Palomino' will soon be available for dual-CPU workstations and desktop computers too. We have a close look at this first version of Athlon 4.

23 апреля 2001
Intel Pentium 4 1.7 GHz - More Power For Less Money
Today Intel starts shipping their processor flagship Pentium 4 in a version that runs at 1.7 GHz. The sales of the Pentium 4 processor haven't done too well lately, so that new price cuts and a faster version shall improve the situation. Is Pentium 4 1.7 GHz a worthy opponent to AMD's Athlon 1333?

20 апреля 2001
Second Hand Smoke - AMD 760MP - Dualies Delight
AMD is only a few months away from getting in the SMP game. Here is a preview of their AMD 760MP chipset

2 апреля 2001
AMD Releases Duron 900
It was only a question of time until AMD would make the next logical step and launch the next fastest Duron processor, running at 900 MHz. The computing power of this new low-cost processor is getting impressively close to the performance leaders from a year ago, the Giga Hertz Pentium III and Athlon CPUs.

22 марта 2001
AMD Launches Athlon Processor at 1300 and 1333 MHz
Only a few weeks ago we learned from AMD's president Hector Ruiz that AMD is not feeling under any particular pressure to release the next speed grade Athlon processor, as long as the current models are successfully competing against the Pentium 4 products of archenemy Intel. A handful of reviewers and analysts know very well that samples of Athlon 1333 processors are running flawlessly for more than a month now. Today, on the first day of CeBIT2001/Germany, the world's largest computer convention, AMD is finally releasing its new high-speed Athlon processors. We have put them through rigorous testing.

19 марта 2001
CPU Scaling Analysis, Part 2: Intel Pentium III Scaling and Upgrading
Part 2 of this analysis deals with Intel's bestseller, the Pentium III. We will also tell you how to upgrade existing Pentium II and Pentium III systems in order to run faster processors.

8 марта 2001
CPU Scaling Analysis, Part 1: AMD Athlon
Once again it is time for a look onto processor performance. Part 1 analyzes AMD's Athlon Thunderbird.

6 марта 2001
Lord Kryo - Part 2: 24 CPU Coolers in Review
In the second round of cooler reviews, two particularly powerful models appear on the scene: The Silverado and the new Swiftech both put the pressure on the competition!

5 марта 2001
IDF Spring 2001 - Part II
Here's the second part of our IDF-blurb. What about USB 2.0 or 1394b? What's the 'Extended PC' and who needs it? Will P2P drive Pentium 4? How much of Intel's future projections is fact and how much is fiction?

2 марта 2001
GeForce2 Scaling Analysis
Right after our Athlon performance analysis we are going to take a look at nVIDIA's GeForce2 family. Is it worth to buy a GeForce2 Ultra today or will a MX model be enough?

28 февраля 2001
IDF Spring 2001 - Part I
Some people might be surprised to know that we have a team of undercover agents reporting from the IDF show floors, but our readers know that we wouldn't keep this event from you. This here is the first classified report.

19 февраля 2001
The Tom's Hardware Guide Power Box
There is no doubt that the high-performance system we put together is hardly affordable by the majority of you, but you might still be interested in our Dream PC, powered by a chilled Athlon at 1,600 MHz. Tom's Hardware Guide's Power Box doesn't fear any high-end competition.

8 февраля 2001
Quo Vadis Intel? - The Latest Roadmap
Where is Intel going? Learn about Intel's latest plans with Tulatin, Northwood, Brookdale, Foster and Prestonia and enjoy the journey through modern Middle-earth of Satan Clara.

30 января 2001
Pentium 4 Systems - To Buy or Not To Buy / To Cry Or Not to Cry
Have you become interested in one of those Pentium 4 systems for 'only' $1500? Have you maybe even considered buying such a Pentium 4 system? This article will separate truth from fiction and answer the question if there is any sense in spending your money on one of those new Pentium 4 machines. Tom compares two Dell Dimension 8100 Pentium 4 systems with two equally priced Athlon systems from Gateway and Micron to save you from making the wrong decision.

8 января 2001
AMD Releases Duron 850
The race in the low-cost sector continues. After Intel's amusingly late release of the Celeron 800 at the (exciting?) FSB clock of 100 MHz, AMD is countering with Duron 850. It's no surprise which of the two has the better performance and the more attractive price.

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