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Iraclius 15.08.2014 14:56

Обновление клиента - теперь в виде голубого кружка!:D

An update has been released for the Steam Client and will be automatically downloaded.

  • Updated desktop user interface styles, simplifying common controls and navigation elements, and neutralizing overall color palette to align with Steam web pages and Big Picture mode
  • Major update of embedded web browser to increase performance, reliability, and to bring in various security fixes and functionality updates
  • Work around to prevent duplicate key presses in some cases for games running inside Adobe AIR
  • Don't delay content updates for games set to high priority
  • Fixed in-game progress indicators for workshop downloads displaying incorrect percentages for compressed files
  • Fixed mods and shortcuts not displaying their names correctly in the friends interface and server browser

  • Games can now be assigned to more than one category at a time
  • Add "Hide this game in my library" functionality, accessible from the Set Categories menu. Games that are hidden will not show up in library filters except for a new filter called "Hidden", which will only appear once at least one game is marked as hidden. Hidden games are still available for play and will still appear on the user's profile.
  • Add an "Uncategorized" filter in desktop library filter drop downs. This will appear when a user has at least one game in a category and at least one game that has no categories.
  • In desktop library details, list, and small views, games can be multiply selected using shift-click and control-click and certain operations can be performed on the group
  • Added install option to context menu for multiple selections
  • When filtering by favorites or by owner, display only a single section instead of all the sections that the games are in.
  • When adding a new category, scroll the category list to the bottom so we can see the category that was just added
  • Added by-category filter options to the filter drop downs in all library views
  • When switching between library views, remember the category of the game selected and retain it when possible
  • In list view with game images selected, display the image on all instances of the game instead of only one
  • Eliminate extraneous "Favorite" category when favorites are added from Set Categories instead of Add to Favorites
  • Make type-to-search properly expand categories in list view. Better synchronize type to search between library views.
  • Remove user categories from navigation bar hover menu. They are still available in the game filters drop-down in the library views.
  • Add context menu to category headers in library views, containing "Expand All" and "Collapse All", and, in details/mini view, "Show/Hide Icons"
  • Improve category collapse state synchronization between library views.
  • Don't show hover effect on list items when a context menu is visible
  • Add glow effect on hover to 2' library game filter button
  • Retain selections when switching filters whenever possible
  • Retain multiple selections when switching between details and list view
  • Synchronize selection between main window library views and Small Mode.

Mac OS X
  • This update ends support for Mac OS X 10.5
  • Updated Big Picture to make use of the Spaces feature for full-screen mode
  • On 10.9 and above ask the OS to prompt for Accessibility access to enable the overlay

  • Updated Steam Runtime with support for newer compilers
  • Added support for entering custom network settings in Big Picture
  • Fixed audio being lost when alt-tabbing
  • Fixed crash when doing a voice chat if you did not have a network connection
  • Fixed launching SteamVR games

Big Picture
  • Updated various visual styles across Big Picture including focus treatments
  • Limit daisy wheel input to numeric entries where appropriate
  • Improved gamepad navigation through checkout
  • Fixed custom icons for streaming non-Steam games
  • Fixed crash when enabling parental controls
  • Fixed scroll bars disappearing on some EULA pages after scrolling to the left
  • Fixed daisy wheel adding multiple periods after pressing space twice to end a sentence
  • Fixed automatic capitalization getting stuck enabled in daisy wheel
  • Fixed a bug preventing the user from changing payment methods if their stored credit card has expired
  • Fixed crash on launching Big Picture if your PC has no sound card (or it is disabled)
  • Fixed crash on game launch if you mashed the A button

    In-Home Streaming
  • Added support for NVIDIA hardware encoding for D3D9+ games on GeForce 650+ cards and the latest NVIDIA drivers. You can enable this by turning on hardware encoding in the advanced options on the host computer.
  • Reset hardware encoding setting to default off, to minimize surprises now that NVIDIA encoding is available
  • Added hardware accelerated decoding for Mac OS X 10.9 and 10.10
  • Reset hardware decoding setting to default on for Windows and Linux, and default off for Mac OS X
  • Improved software decoding performance for clients with multiple CPU cores
  • Disabled vsync while streaming for a smoother capture framerate
  • Fixed being able to scroll the right and bottom edges of a map in certain resolutions
  • Fixed Steam crash streaming from a host with an i5-3450 CPU
  • Fixed games detecting both local and streaming controllers; streaming controllers take precedence if they are connected.
  • Fixed streaming games from Steam when it has been put in Windows XP compatibility mode
  • Made it more clear that unlimited bandwidth increases latency and is not recommended

По моим ощущениям работать стал более шустро. Интерфейс стал более отзывчивым.(doh)

Георгий 15.08.2014 14:58


Сообщение от Iraclius (Сообщение 1963639)
Обновление клиента

Да вчера было дело. Голубоватым всё отдавать начало (в смысле цвет в оформлении конечно).

dr-web 15.08.2014 16:47

Обменяю купоны на скидки 30,40,60,90% около 12 купонов на игры или предметы в СТИМ.

Artem.Russian 15.08.2014 19:54

да, обновленное оформление порадовало...(clap)

Добавлено через 15 секунд
dr-web, на какие игры купоны?

Kurt-35 15.08.2014 21:18


Сообщение от dr-web (Сообщение 1963663)
Обменяю купоны на скидки 30,40,60,90% около 12 купонов на игры или предметы в СТИМ.

Такие вещи народ бесплатно обычно раздаёт ;)

dr-web 16.08.2014 23:43

Вложений: 1
Они обычно бесплатно не приходят.
Деньги то вы тратите ? так почему к примеру не получить хоть какую то выгоду.

Slant-shadow 17.08.2014 00:00

Tropico 4 Collector's Bundle со всеми DLC по ошибке выложили в стим за 5 рублей. Успейте купить.. Юмор в том, что сама игра без dlc в том же стиме дороже

TeSla_M 27.08.2014 17:47

Через месяц отправили новый пароль, сейчас доступ есть...

Kurt-35 27.08.2014 18:29


Сообщение от TeSla_M (Сообщение 1966858)
Через месяц отправили новый пароль, сейчас доступ есть...


TeSla_M 27.08.2014 18:30

Kurt-35 не мог войти. Писало не верный пароль.
просто если кому интересно-----> оперативность.

Kurt-35 29.08.2014 00:45

В стиме распродажа серии Call of Duty со скидкой 50%. Акция действует до 1-го сентября.

Ramire$ 04.09.2014 13:35

А между тем, в Стиме доступен бывший экз X1 Ryse: Son of Rome. У кого то дела идут хуже некуда. (evil)

Kurt-35 04.09.2014 13:42

да, только сегодня завезли игрулю. У нас Рег Фри версия.

Пешехонцев Игор 04.09.2014 22:49

Стим сошел с ума, или Котик

4000 K за дополнение?


rhemorha 04.09.2014 23:02


Сообщение от Пешехонцев Игор (Сообщение 1969445)
Стим сошел с ума, или Котик

4000 K за дополнение?


Уверен кто-то да купил :D

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