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Full Review of NVIDIA
Краткое содержание статьи: NVIDIA's NV11 AKA GeForce2 MX is out and ready to raise consumer expectation for a low cost consumer graphics solution. This chipset will truly inject the market with a mainstream GPU that offers more than just a pretty price tag.

Full Review of NVIDIA's GeForce2 MX

Редакция THG,  29 июня 2000
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What's New?

A couple of features were added to target the needs of mainstream users and give additional value on top of the high performance graphics engine. I'm referring to TwinView and Digital Vibrance Control.

TwinView is similar to the DualHead concept from Matrox in that it allows users to have multiple output devices at once. You can have various combinations between a CRT, Digital Flat Panel (DFP) and TV out. The only limitation that I noticed was that you cannot do dual TV output. The main claim to fame that NVIDIA boasts over Matrox is that they claim to be able to drive two digital displays simultaneously thanks to a Dual Link Transmission-Minimizing Differential Signaling transmitter or TMDS. Keep in mind that this feature is still limited by the type of outputs that the given boards has. If you don't have a DFP connector on your board or a TV-out, you can't possibly use them. This is probably a warm welcome to those who actually need a dual output graphics card, as the G400 series from Matrox are nice cards but don't necessarily meet everyone's 3D performance standards.

TwinView example

Above are some examples of the TwinView configurations.

Digital Vibrance Control Example

Digital Vibrance Control gives the user the ability to digitally control the saturation of images. This feature was added so that users can adjust the color saturation similar to the controls of your television set. I'm not really convinced that this feature adds much over the standard gamma controls that we're used to, but this feature may come in handy for fine-tuning visuals on Flat Panels.
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