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Full Review of NVIDIA
Краткое содержание статьи: NVIDIA's NV11 AKA GeForce2 MX is out and ready to raise consumer expectation for a low cost consumer graphics solution. This chipset will truly inject the market with a mainstream GPU that offers more than just a pretty price tag.

Full Review of NVIDIA's GeForce2 MX

Редакция THG,  29 июня 2000
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GeForce2 MX Logo

Picture of NVIDIA's GeForce2 MX

With much of NVIDIA's competition busy scrambling to its feet after the GeForce2 GTS release, it seems that another knockout blow is about to hit the competition. The flurry of product releases from NVIDIA has kept most of the competing graphics companies rolling with the punches while it was brewing up yet another surgical strike, the GeForce2 MX. This product may seem harmless at first glance as it's only a low cost consumer solution but don't let that fool you. What you must realize is that NVIDIA isn't just using this GeForce2 derivative as an inexpensive chip that will fill in for the soon to be extinct TNT2 family but also have this piece of hardware take over this segment of the market by setting new performance standards for low cost solutions and on top of all this, inject the mainstream with a GPU that is T&L ready. The big question is: Does it truly perform as well as NVIDIA claims? Armed with my reference GeForce2 MX and 5.30 Detonator drivers, I'm ready to find out.

Before we move into further detail about the GeForce2 MX, let's take a peek at NVIDIA's new product line-up for a better understanding of the big picture. NVIDIA has already established a strong lead with the GeForce2 GTS line of products since its release 2 months ago (see Tom's Take on NVIDIA's New GeForce2 GTS). The GeForce GTS holds the high-end position and will replace the GeForce line of products. Although it had this segment, it left a big question mark for the rest of the market that covers a majority of the consumers. The TNT2 was assigned to cover this area but it didn't necessarily dominate like its big brother the GeForce2 and left a huge untapped resource open. This is where the GeForce2 MX will come into play. It replaces the TNT2 family of products as the mainstream solution. The chipset has various configuration options that allow manufacturers to focus on several key areas that will range from an extremely low cost board to a mid-range multimedia offering and possibly mobile products. Let's begin our detailed analysis of this promising chipset.
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