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10 ноября 2000
Tom's Favorite Gadget - The Nomad Jukebox from Creative
Whoever hasn't got the message by now will never get it. MP3 kicks some major butt because of many reasons. Taking advantage of MP3 is easier than ever before, but until recently, mobile MP3-devices were limited to only an hour of playtime or to shock-sensitive MP3-CDROM devices. Creative's Nomad Jukebox is using a 6 GB notebook hard drive, which offers a tremendous amount of MP3-storage space. However, with a little bit of skill the Jukebox can easily be 'upgraded' to 20 GB or even more.

2 октября 2000
New NVIDIA Detonator 3 Drivers For Linux
A month later than for the Microsoft operating systems NVIDIA has finally released its Linux driver 0.95, which unofficially includes 'Detonator3'-tuning. 7 NVIDIA 3D cards under SuSE's brand new Linux version 7.0 had to show if the advance over the previous driver 0.94 is able to live up to the improvements seen with Detonator 3 under Windows 2000.

28 сентября 2000
Tuning Extreme: Overclocking with the Asus A7V
A small modification on the voltage controller of the Asus A7V improves the overclocking capabilities of AMD's Athlon and Duron processors. The actual trick: Stable overclocking due to a higher core voltage.

13 сентября 2000
MPEG-4 - Copying a DVD Video to CD-ROM
It is a well-known fact that DVD/MPEG-2 video sequences take up a lot of disk space. This makes a distribution on CD-ROMs unsuitable. A small tool shows that there is a way to convert video data from MPEG-2 into the brand new MPEG-4 format. This saves a lot! You can even burn 110 minutes of full resolution footage onto a CD-R.

18 августа 2000
The 150 MHz Project, Part 3
This time we had the i815 chipset running at 150 MHz. Is the Solano chipset able to beat the BX at this system clock speed?

11 августа 2000
NVIDIA 3D Under Linux
It finally has become reality. With NVIDIA's latest Linux drivers for XFree86 4 you'll get powerful 3D for this free open source operating system as well. Over are the times when only geeks were using Linux. Today even serious 3D-gamers should be pleased with the 3D-performance offered by NVIDIA. We tested 5 different NVIDIA 3D cards on 6 different platforms and compared the scores with the 3D-performance under Windows98.

8 августа 2000
Modifying An Asus A7V Motherboard For Duron-Overclocking
All new AMD Duron and T-Bird processors are equipped with a fixed multiplier. With a bit of work the A7V can be modified to get around that problem.

1 августа 2000
Leading by Speeding: Solano at 166 MHz
Intel's 815 chipset is not able to outperform the good old BX, but it certainly gives you a better margin for overclocking. Is it worth it?

28 июля 2000
Intel Celeron Overclocking Guide
Thanks to the Coppermine core, the new Celeron processors are great for overclocking. We dealt with this topic and found out the maximum performance you can get out of a Celeron.

25 июля 2000
Oldie Tuning: Asus P55T2P4 with AMD K6-2+/500
The legendary and widespread Asus P55T2P4 motherboard is four years old now. But it is not over the hill yet. Thanks to a new .18 Micron Socket7 CPU, the K6-2+/500, the historical board achieves almost the performance of a modern PC system.

8 мая 2000
VIA's Apollo KX133 Chipset and Windows2000
If you are the owner of an Athlon platform based on VIA's Apollo KX133 chipset, desperately trying to run Windows 2000 reliably, we can give you some help. We explain the reason behind the strange device-numbering problem and can offer you a new beta AGP-driver for Windows 2000.

3 мая 2000
The 150 MHz Project, Part 2
Last time we did some benchmarks using a VIA Apollo Pro 133A motherboard. As BX is obviously the faster chipset, we did all tests again at overclocked 133 MHz - and up to 1 GHz.

13 апреля 2000
It's Time For An Upgrade... But What's Best?
Faster processors, new graphic cards and more memory make a PC upgrade attractive, but how's your money best invested? We'll help you to find out what type of upgrade is best for you.

12 апреля 2000
Processor and Chipset Tables: How to Configure a CPU Correctly
For all of you who want to build or upgrade your own PC system we introduce these tables as quick reference. They already include the new gigahertz CPUs from Intel and AMD. Also new: the Cyrix III Joshua from VIA. Everything that you can't find in a manual can be read here!

5 апреля 2000
The 150 MHz Project, Part 1
Fast computers require fast bus speeds. How is the Pentium III performing at 150 MHz bus clock?

29 марта 2000
Fast and Inexpensive - Promise's FastTrak66 IDE RAID-Controller
With a very small 'operation' you can modify a Promise Ultra66 controller into a FastTrak66 ATA RAID-controller and benefit from its high performance. We put this self-made device to the test.

29 февраля 2000
FC-PGA Pentium III on Celeron PGA370/Slot1 Converter Cards
Soon FC-PGA/Slot1 adapters will become available, but for those who cannot wait we supply detailed information how to 'recycle' your old 'slocket' card.

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