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Краткое содержание статьи: VT82C590 APOLLO VP-2 Chipset Features


Редакция THG,  11 июля 1996
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  • PCI/ISA Green PC Ready
  • High Integration
    • VT82C595 system controller
    • VT82C586 PCI to ISA bridge
    • Six TTLs for a complete main board implementation
  • Flexible CPU Interface
    • 64-bit P54CTM, K5TM and M1TM CPU interface
    • CPU external bus speed up to 75Mhz (internal 200Mhz and above)
    • Supports CPU internal write-back cache
    • Concurrent CPU/cache and PCI/DRAM operation
    • System management interrupt, memory remap and STPCLK mechanism
    • Cyrix M1 linear burst support
    • CPU NA#/Address pipeline capability
  • Advanced Cache Controller
    • Direct map write back or write through secondary cache
    • Burst Synchronous Cache SRAM support
    • Flexible cache size: 0K/256K/512K/1M/2MB
    • 32 byte line size to match the primary cache
    • Integrated 10-bit tag comparator
    • 3-1-1-1 read/write timing for Burst Synchronous SRAM access at 66Mhz
    • 3-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 back to back read timing for Burst Synchronous SRAM access at 66Mhz
    • Sustained 3 cycle write access for Burst Synchronous SRAM access or CPU to DRAM and PCI bus post write buffers at 66Mhz
    • Data streaming for simultaneous primary and secondary cache line fill
    • System and video BIOS cacheable and write-protect
    • Programmable cacheable region and cache timing
    • Optional combined tag and alter bit SRAM for write-back scheme
  • Fast DRAM Controller
      * Fast Page Mode/EDO/Burst EDO/Synchronous-DRAM support in a mixed combination
    • Mixed 256K/512K/1M/2M/4M/8M/16MxN DRAMs
    • 6 banks up to 512MB DRAMs (maximum four banks of Synchronous DRAM)
    • Flexible row and column addresses
    • 64 bit or 32 bit data width in arbitrary mixed combination
    • 3.3v and 5v DRAM without external transceivers
    • Optional Parity and ECC (one bit error correction and multi-bit error detection) for DRAM integrity
    • Four Cache lines (16 quadwords) of CPU/cache to DRAM write buffers
    • Concurrent DRAM writeback
    • Speculative DRAM access
    • Read around Write capability for non-stalled CPU read
    • Burst read and write operation
    • 4-2-2-2 on page, 7-2-2-2 start page and 9-2-2-2 off page timing for EDO DRAMs at 50/60Mhz
    • 5-2-2-2 on page, 8-2-2-2 start page and 11-2-2-2 off page timing for EDO DRAMs at 66Mhz
    • 5-1-1-1 on page, 8-1-1-1 start page and 10-1-1-1 off page timing for Burst EDO DRAMs at 66Mhz
    • 5-2-2-2-3-1-2-2 back-to-back access for EDO DRAM at 66Mhz
    • 5-1-1-1-3-1-1-1 back-to-back access for BEDO DRAM at 66Mhz
    • BIOS shadow at 16KB increment
    • System management memory remapping
    • Decoupled and burst DRAM refresh with staggered RAS timing
    • Programmable refresh rate, CAS-before-RAS refresh and refresh on populated banks only
  • Unified Memory Architecture
    • Supports VESA UMA handshake protocol
    • Compatible with major video/GUI products
    • Direct video frame buffer access
    • Satisfies maximum latency requirement from REQ# to GNT# and from GNT# to REQ#
  • Intelligent PCI Bus Controller
    • 32 bit PCI interface
    • Supports 66Mhz and 3.3v/5v PCI bus
    • PCI master snoop ahead and snoop filtering
    • PCI master Peer Concurrency
    • Synchronous Bus to CPU clock with divide-by-two from the CPU clock
    • Automatic detection of data streaming burst cycles from CPU to the PCI bus
    • Five levels (double-words) of CPU to PCI posted write buffers
    • Byte merging in the write buffers to reduce the number of PCI cycles and to create further PCI bursting possibilities
    • Zero wait state PCI master and slave burst transfer rate
    • PCI to system memory data streaming up to 132Mbyte/sec
    • Sixty-four levels (double-words) of post write buffers from PCI masters to DRAM
    • Thirty-two levels (double-words) of prefetch buffers from DRAM for access by PCI masters
    • Enhanced PCI command optimization (MRL, MRM, MWI, etc)
    • Complete steerable PCI interrupts
    • Supports L1 write-back forward to PCI master read to minimize PCI read latency
    • Supports L1 write-back merged with PCI master post-write to minimize DRAM utilization
    • Provides transaction timer to fairly arbitrate between PCI masters
    • PCI-2.1 compliant
  • Enhanced Master Mode PCI IDE Controller
    • Dual channel master mode PCI supporting four Enhanced IDE devices
    • Transfer rate up to 22MB/sec to cover PIO mode 4 and Multiword DMA mode 2 drivers and beyond
    • Sixteen levels (doublewords) of prefetch and write buffers
    • Interlaced commands between two channels
    • Bus master programming interface for ATA controllers SFF-8038 rev.1.0 compliant
    • Full scatter and gather capability
    • Support ATAPI compliant devices
    • Support PCI native and ATA compatibility modes
    • Complete software driver support
  • Universal Serial Bus Controller
    • USB v1.0 and Intel Universal HCI v1.1 compatible
    • Eighteen levels(doublwords) of data FIFOs
    • Root hub and two function parts with built-in physical layer transceivers
    • Legacy keyboard and PS/2 mouse support
  • Plug and Play Controller
    • Dual interrupt and DMA signal steering with plug and play control
    • Microsoft Windows 95TM and plug and play BIOS compliant
  • Sophisticated Power Management Unit
    • Normal, doze, sleep, suspend and conserve modes
    • System event monitoring with two event classes
    • One idle timer, one peripheral timer and one general purpose timer
    • More than ten general purpose Input/Output ports
    • Six external event input ports with programmable SMI condition
    • Complete leakage control when external component is in power off state
    • Primary and secondary interrupt differentiation for individual channels
    • Clock stretching, clock throttling and clock stop control
    • Multiple internal and external SMI sources for flexible power management models
    • Two programmable output ports
    • APM 1.2 compliant
  • PCI to ISA Bridge
    • Integrated 82C206 peripheral controller
    • Integrated keyboard controller with PS2 mouse supports
    • Integrated DS12885 style real time clock with extended 128 byte CMOS RAM
    • Integrated USB (universal serial bus) controller with hub and two function ports
    • Integrated master mode enhanced IDE controller with enhanced PCI bus commands
    • PCI-2.1 compliant with delay transaction
    • Four double-word line buffer between PCI and ISA bus
    • Supports type F DMA transfers
    • Fast reset and Gate A20 operation
    • Edge trigger or level sensitive interrupt
    • Flash EPROM and combined BIOS support
  • Built-in nand-tree pin scan test capability
  • 0.6um mixed voltage, high speed and low power CMOS process
  • 328 pin BGA Package for VT82C595
  • 208 pin PQFP for VT82C586
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