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Review Socket 7 Boards
Краткое содержание статьи: Get the latest on Socket 7 Boards with the 440TX Chipset.

Review Socket 7 Boards

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Abit AX5

The bigger brother of the PX5 in ATX form factor is suffering from the same problem as its sibling, it is quite touchy about the SDRAM that's used with it. Unlike the VX chipset predecessor of this board (IT5V) and unlike the TX boards form Shuttle and AOpen, it wouldn't run stable with the Corsair SDRAM I'm using by default. This is not a very serious problem as long as you are using only 66 MHz bus speed, but 75 and 83 MHz will give you a lot of headaches until you find the proper SDRAM to go with it. I succeeded to run this board at these bus speeds with Toshiba SDRAM eventually.

This board is also using the TX chipset, it comes with the usual Abit SoftMenu and unlike the latest revisions of the IT5H it still includes the 'turbo frequency' for 66 MHz. The performance is a little better than the performance of the PX5, but you could expect more form a TX board, especially in comparison to the 'old' HX board IT5H. From the stability point of view do I prefer the IT5H, or if it has to be SDRAM and Ultra-DMA, the AOpen TX boards or the Shuttle HOT-565. From the convenience point of view however, it's certainly the nicest TX board.

Coming with 4 PCI, 4 ISA, 4 SIMM and 3 DIMM slots, it supports all Socket 7 CPUs, including the M2 and the 3.2 V for the K6 233, you can use each type of RAM, cacheable area 64 MB, no ECC support, Ultra-DMA support, switching voltage regulator.

Abit IT5H

This board is still one of the fastest Socket 7 boards, especially at the usual bus speeds and the latest revision 1.5 supports 75 and 83 MHz as well. This revision is out now. It is a HX chipset board, so it can do ECC if you fancy that. Since revision 1.2 it is now also including a large tag RAM, which enables 512 MB of cacheable area. As all the recent Abit boards it comes with the SoftMenu feature (=jumperless design) and offers you the 'turbo frequency' for 'non-overclockers'.

I recommend this board especially in the latest revision (1.5 and up) to everyone who wants to have a Socket 7 board that supports almost everything except the UltraDMA feature. It's a very good performer, it's extremely convenient due to its jumperless design and it can handle 512 MB RAM as well as 83 MHz bus speed.It's actually one of the fastest boards for a K6 233 under Windows NT. The 83 MHz performance is somewhat lower than of a TX board, due to the missing SDRAM support, since with EDO you have to reduce the RAM timing for 83 MHz.

The IT5H comes with 4 PCI, 4 ISA, 4 SIMM and 2 DIMM slots, it supports all Socket 7 CPUs, including the M2 and the 3.2 V for the AMD K6 233, you can use FPM and EDO RAM of up to 512 MB, which is all cached by the L2 cache, it supports ECC, but it does not support SDRAM and Ultra-DMA. It until revision 1.6 is out it comes with a passive voltage regulator, but it is cooled very well and gets less hot than all the other passive voltage regulators I know.
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