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Athlon Motherboard Review

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BCM QS750 Athlon Motherboard Review
Краткое содержание статьи: BCM joins the other five Athlon based motherboards with their QS750. Check out it's features and performance relative to it competition.

BCM QS750 Athlon Motherboard Review

Редакция THG,  8 декабря 1999
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Athlon Motherboards

In our last Early Athlon Motherboard Review I discussed the lack of marketing drive given by the majority of the motherboard manufacturers who have developed Athlon supported boards. We can now add another courageous company to the "I proudly support AMD's Athlon!" list, BCM. I'm happy to see that BCM, BIOSTAR and FIC are proudly wagging their tails instead of burying them between their legs. Although most of these boards share a very similar set of features, it is nice to see that more manufacturers are slowly joining the Athlon cause. Since AMD is finally playing hardball with the almighty Intel, staying ahead of them in the processor frequency game with the newly released 750MHz Athlon. I believe we will start seeing Athlon's motherboard support grow. Competition is definitely good!

About the BCM QS750


Ever since we posted the last Athlon motherboard review we have been receiving a lot of requests to review the BCM QS750 as well. I was amazed by how many people out there are searching far and wide for more Athlon supported platforms. The QS750 board actually arrived at our lab just days after we posted the last review. So why did it take so long? Well, unfortunately I could not get the QS750 to run stable in my configuration until just recently. During my initial time with the board I came up with my own list of names for the product. Needless to say none of them remotely looked like "QS750" :). The problem I encountered with the board was intermittent lockups once entering Windows 98SE and sometimes even during post. I went through the standard set of troubleshooting including; different power supplies, memory DIMMs, CPUs, peripherals, etc... It turned out that the board would run like a top as long as I kept the frequency at/or below 650MHz. I talked with BCM about my problems and they confirmed that had some BIOS issues and were working on the problem. Just a couple days after my conversation with BCM I received a new beta BIOS which has my QS750 board running like a champ at 700MHz & 750MHz. BCM is currently putting the new BIOS through their qualification/compatibility tests and will be releasing this new BIOS soon on their web.
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