The Celeron Killer - AMD's New Duron Processor

AMD's Thunderbird finally fully fledged

AMD's Latest Thunderbird - SocketA Athlon at 1.1 GHz

Overclocking AMD's Socket Processors

Overclocking AMD's Thunderbird and Duron Processor

Modifying An Asus A7V Motherboard For Duron-Overclocking

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Socket A Is Coming: Test of 10 Boards
Краткое содержание статьи: Platforms with VIA's KT133 chipset are now more cost effective than boards for Intel processors. Currently the Duron offers the best price/performance ratio. Additionally, the Athlon is the winner of the performance competition.

Socket A Is Coming: Test of 10 Boards

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The overclocking features are important characteristics to differentiate motherboards, and many manufacturers have already recognized this. Only about half of the companies master it satisfactory. Two conditions must be fulfilled.

a) Adjusting of the Front Side Bus (system bus) in 1-MHz steps

The current Athlon and Duron processors are officially specified for a system clock of 100 MHz. Our tests showed that most processors can take up to 110 MHz. Therefore the motherboard should allow adjustments in 1 MHz steps, especially in the range between 100 and 110 MHz. Values that are above or below this range are only valuable for marketing purposes.

b) Adjusting the core voltage (VCore) in 0.05 Volt steps
For successful overclocking the motherboard must also offer the option of at least 0.05 Volt steps. Increasing only the Front Side Bus can quickly lead to instabilities. Only if the voltage is raised slightly the system becomes stable again.

Here are the standard-voltages for available Socket A CPUs:

Socket A CPU Standard Core Voltage (VCore)
Duron 600 - 700 1,50 V
Athlon 700 - 850 1,70 V
Athlon 900 - 1100 1,75 V

No motherboard offers more than 1.85 Volts. This certainly makes sense because otherwise the processor could be destroyed very easily. Be careful when you increase the voltage of Duron. 1.85 Volts can quickly become dangerous. The motherboards Abit KT7, Asus A7V, DFI AK74-SC, Epox EP-8KTA and Soltek SL-75KV offer 1 MHz settings and VCore settings.
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Обсуждение в Клубе Экспертов THG Обсуждение в Клубе Экспертов THG


История мейнфреймов: от Harvard Mark I до System z10 EC
Верите вы или нет, но были времена, когда компьютеры занимали целые комнаты. Сегодня вы работаете за небольшим персональным компьютером, но когда-то о таком можно было только мечтать. Предлагаем окунуться в историю и познакомиться с самыми знаковыми мейнфреймами за последние десятилетия.

Пятнадцать процессоров Intel x86, вошедших в историю
Компания Intel выпустила за годы существования немало процессоров x86, начиная с эпохи расцвета ПК, но не все из них оставили незабываемый след в истории. В нашей первой статье цикла мы рассмотрим пятнадцать наиболее любопытных и памятных процессоров Intel, от 8086 до Core 2 Duo.