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17 декабря 2001
Intel Goes DDR - Do We Really Care?
Intel is never shy of doing really weird things. Today marks the 're-release' of Intel's 845 Pentium 4 chipset. It's the same silicon as the i845 released in summer, only that now Intel 'allows' motherboard makers to use its DDR-support. Intel's marketing department calls this old new chipset i845D. We compared this wannabe newcomer to the other five established Pentium 4 chipsets.

7 декабря 2001
Under Closer Scrutiny: Dual BIOS From Gigabyte
In our last test, the Dual BIOS function came up short on performance. Here, we examine the fine details.

29 октября 2001
Расслабляемся: THG посещает AMD
Небольшой шаг для инженеров-электронщиков, но важный шаг для владельцев Palomino. Видео THG наглядно показало слабость процессоров на ядре Palomino, которые используются на современных материнских платах. AMD ответила, предоставив решение для подобных проблем в будущем. И мы предлагаем вам ознакомиться с этим решением.

24 октября 2001
RDF 2001 - что нам Rambus готовит
Вам может не нравиться бизнес компании, или ее технология, однако Rambus является важным игроком на рынке памяти. Мы сообщим вам слова Девида Муринга, президента компании, которые он произнес на форуме Rambus для разработчиков в 2001 году. Девид поведал о технологии Rambus Yellowstone, а также пролил свет на будущее компании.

8 октября 2001
The Best Thing That Could Happen To Intel's Pentium 4 - The SiS645 Chipset
Despite its history as a low-budget chipset maker, SiS had recently been able to prove its ability to provide high performance core logic with the introduction of the well-performing SiS735 Athlon chipset. Today SiS launches its first Pentium 4 chipset, dubbed 'SiS645', for DDR memory. SiS645 is not just a Pentium 4 DDR-chipset. It is also the first to support the new DDR333 memory, which provides 25% more bandwidth than DDR266 a.k.a. PC2100. The attractive SiS645 package is finally able to touch Intel's i850 ...

UPDATE 10 октября 2001
Pricey Foundations: 9 Boards For The Pentium 4
Socket 423 boards support CPUs up to 2.2 GHz. We tested nine boards with Intel 850 chipsets for RDRAM.

24 сентября 2001
A Lost Chance? SiS 735 Motherboards For The Athlon
Two motherboards with the SiS 735 chipset arrived at our lab, several months after their release. Although SiS lost the performance crown to VIA's updated KT266A, this chipset currently provides the best value. Read on to see what you can expect from these boards!

3 сентября 2001
VIA's Technology Forum 2001 Started Today
Today VIA commenced its VTF with a press conference in the Regency Ballroom of the Grand Hyatt Taipei (my home away from home). VIA's CEO Wenchi Chen and his right hand Richard Brown spoke the opening words. Wenchi radiated more self-confidence than we have ever seen of the Taiwanese core logic and processor maker before.

2 сентября 2001
Accelerating Athlon - VIA Releases KT266A Chipset
At 12:01 AM Taiwanese time and thus on Sunday noon East Coast time VIA launched the enhanced version of its Athlon DDR-chipset KT266. If you think that this news isn't really worth disturbing your Labor Day weekend, then you might be wrong. The 'A' stands for vastly improved performance.

26 августа 2001
Tom's Blurb: Who's Screwing Who?
The PC bizz is bad or rather outright evil. We all know that and yet we still get upset or surprised about the latest unfair move of this or that company. There's several bully championships going on right now and we decided to have a closer look.

17 августа 2001
VIA Teams Up Pentium 4 With DDR-Memory
Now that Intel is selling Pentium 4 at rather aggressive prices, all it takes to make the processor enter the mass market is a reasonably priced platform. The i850 chipset with its requirement of the expensive RDRAM is still unable to offer that. While Intel's upcoming value-chipset for Pentium 4 will initially only support the rather slow PC133 SDRAM, VIA's P4X266 is ready to bring fast DDR-support to Intel's flagship processor.

10 августа 2001
The Printed Circuit Board Primer
A fine printed circuit board (PCB) is a mixture of high art, and solid engineering. Here is a short primer on what goes into the making of a PCB, the terminology, and the features that enhance reliability, and lower cost.

8 августа 2001
DDR For AMD: 16 Boards With VIA KT266
This is our monster test of VIA KT266 mobos - over 40 pages of data and analyses. We tested all the boards on the market, combing the globe for products to review - and we were certainly in for a few surprises.

6 августа 2001
Only the Best: 9 Athlon Motherboards With The AMD 760 Chipset
More boards found their way into our lab, including the current reference board, MSI's K7 Master. All candidates run stable, so we focussed more on fine-tuning performance. Read on to find out which DDR motherboards are currently the best for Athlon.

25 июля 2001
BIOS Tuning: Maximum Power
BIOS tuning allows users to squeeze out as much power as possible from virtually all motherboards. We show the details that really count.

11 июля 2001
It's Time For DDR: 3 New 760 Athlon Mobos
These brand new boards from DFI, Epox and FIC prove to be fast and reliable. We took a hard look at their features and performance benchmarks.

2 июля 2001
First Look At Brookdale - Intel's Upcoming 845 Chipset
Pentium 4 sales remain low, which is not entirely the fault of the price/performance of Intel's flagship processor. Current i850 platforms require Rambus' expensive and unpopular RDRAM, which reduces Pentium 4's appeal to the buyers even more. Soon Intel will come up with an alternative to i850 plus RDRAM. In a few weeks we will have the chance to spend our money for an even crazier solution. The i845 chipset will team up Pentium 4 with the slow and ageing PC133 memory. We tested this bizarre combination.

29 июня 2001
Muscle-Flexing: 6 Dual CPU Boards
Dual boards really shine when used with high-end applications such as Cinema 4D XL or 3D Studio Max. We put reasonably priced boards with price tags starting at $110 through their paces.

20 июня 2001
21 Mobo Salute: Pentium III i815 mobos
We've added 5 new test candidates with the arrival of new motherboards from AOpen, FIC, Lucky Star and Soltek. How do they stack up agains the competition competition? Read on to find a comparison of all 21 motherboards.

13 июня 2001
Computex 2001 Manufacturer Report
Our final Computex article includes all the news from the Taiwanese manufacturers. Read about Asus, AOpen, Azza, PowerColor, DFI, ECS, Gigabyte, Gainward, IWill, InnoVision, Leadtek and MSI.

11 июня 2001
There's No Stopping Them: SiS Beats AMD & Co
The Taiwanese manufacturer SiS has suddenly been thrust into the limelight: Athlon/Duron boards with the SiS 735 chipset manage to push its strong competitors AMD & Co. back in the rankings.

UPDATE 5 июня 2001
Computex: AMD Releases 760MP Chipset For Dual AthlonMP
We had to wait a long time for the release of AMD's SMP platform, but now, almost 2 years after the first release of the Athlon processor, we can finally experience a system based on two Athlon processors. The processor for the AMD760MP chipset is also new, based on the long anticipated 'Palomino'-core and going by the name AthlonMP. This gives us the first chance to look at the improved performance of Palomino in comparison with its predecessor 'Thunderbird'.

4 июня 2001
Computex: NVIDIA nForces Success In New Market
A few months ago we saw the release of GeForce3 and with it NVIDIA's first ground-breaking contribution to Microsoft's upcoming Xbox. Today NVIDIA launches the second part of the story, its nForce chipset for Athlon processors. Believe me, calling nForce just a chipset with integrated graphics and integrated sound would not do it any justice. We'll tell you why Intel, VIA and Creative Labs have good reasons to fear NVIDIA's entry into the core logic market.

4 июня 2001
Computex: Nvidia declares war on Intel
It was subtle, but forceful. Nvidia, which has long tried to position itself as the next Intel, now has a product that puts the House of Pentium firmly in its sights.

9 мая 2001
A Real Nail-Biter: Four Boards With ALi Magik 1
The Magik 1 is ALi's bid in the DDR-enabled chipset race with AMD 760 and VIA KT266. The four boards we tested produced rather sobering results!

7 мая 2001
Crиme De La Crиme: Special Edition 815 Boards and Useful Add-Ons
The times when just attractive features, stability and performance defined a successful motherboard model are long gone. Motherboards from different companies resemble each other in many points. The only way to differentiate from ordinary products is to offer special editions and valuable add-ons. AOpen, Asus and Azza sent us their latest inventions.

30 апреля 2001
DDR for Pentium III: 10 Boards with VIA Apollo Pro 266
The VIA Apollo Pro 266 provides a powerful argument for buying the semi-obsolete Pentium III platform - it works with DDR-SDRAM. We put a total of 10 boards to the test.

UPDATE 16 апреля 2001
VIA Apollo KT266 Revisited - Much Ado About Nothing
Since our first tests of MSI's VIA Apollo KT266 platform last week there has been a new BIOS release. MSI as well as VIA had big hopes that this new BIOS would make KT266 perform better than in the initial test. Let's see if this wish has come true.

9 апреля 2001
VIA's DDR-Runner For Athlon - The Apollo KT266 Chipset
VIA doesn't like to rush things. The Taiwanese chipset maker always takes a bit longer to provide the latest technologies, especially for AMD processors. Finally VIA is able to provide a SocketA-platform with DDR-support. Now the long expected Apollo KT266 has to stick up against AMD's 760 DDR-platform. Is it a worthy competitor to AMD's product?

21 марта 2001
Tabula Rasa: Six Boards for the Pentium 4
The successor of the i820/Camino and the i840/Carmel chipset is i850/Tehama. We tested six boards for the Pentium 4.

14 марта 2001
Athlon Boosters - Three AMD 760 Boards for DDR SDRAM
Three boards with the new AMD chipset line up for comparison: The Asus A7M266, the Biostar M7MIA and the Gigabyte GA-7DX. One question remains however. Will motherboards with this chipset soon become collectables? Will AMD continue to produce the 760 chipset once VIA's KT266 becomes widely available?

21 февраля 2001
Reinforcements: 6 New Athlon Boards With VIA's KT133A
After the initial review on six KT133A motherboards, six more candidates from AOpen, IWill, MSI, NMC, Soyo and Tyan hit our lab. We picked out the winners out of the growing test range.

8 февраля 2001
Quo Vadis Intel? - The Latest Roadmap
Where is Intel going? Learn about Intel's latest plans with Tulatin, Northwood, Brookdale, Foster and Prestonia and enjoy the journey through modern Middle-earth of Satan Clara.

1 февраля 2001
Turbo Drive: Two Dual Boards with 2000 MHz
In this contest, Intel 815E and VIA Apollo Pro 133A chipsets are competing against each other on dual processor grounds. We tested two boards - the Acorp 6A815D and the Asus CUV4X-D - under Windows 2000 Pro and Suse Linux 6.4.

24 января 2001
DDR For Pentium III - VIA's Apollo Pro 266 Chipset
Finally Pentium is going DDR. However, is the aging Intel processor able to take advantage of this high-bandwidth memory or is VIA Apollo Pro 266 only a marketing gag after all? Find out in Tom's lovely but critical review.

22 января 2001
VIA In Shape: 6 Motherboards using the renewed KT133A Chipset
As DDR memory is still too expensive, a SDRAM-based Socket A motherboard seems to be the best choice right now. Those newcomers also support AMD's new Athlon-C.

17 января 2001
Late Vintage: High Degree of Maturity of the KT133
7 new socket A boards from Acorp, ECS, MSI, NMC, QDI and Transcend join the test field of a total of 23 KT133 boards. Three of them have surprises in store.

9 января 2001
SiS Back On Stage: The SiS730 Chipset for Duron and Athlon
The new 730s from SiS is highly integrated, as one chip hosts almost everything you can imagine, including UltraATA/100 interface, graphics engine plus an AGP 4x slot, 100 MBit LAN and also support for 133 MHz Athlons. Will it be enough for SiS to beat VIA's KT133 and gain the AMD budget market?

4 января 2001
The Three Musketeers - Athlon Platforms For 133 MHz FSB
Although AMD launched Athlon processors with 133 MHz processor bus already two months ago, we are still waiting for the proper platforms. It won't be long anymore now until you will have the choice between three different chipsets for those new Athlon processors. This article is comparing AMD's 760 DDR-chipset with ALi's MaGiK1 DDR-chipset and VIA's new Apollo KT133A chipset.

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