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16 ноября 2002
Second Chance: Desktop Processors In A Mobile Form Factor
Recently, we reviewed the Dell SmartStep 250N. Things did not exactly proceed as planned in our review of this product. Now, we look at the WinBook J4 that uses a totally different strategy for throttling the Pentium 4 Northwood desktop CPU in a mobile form factor. The J4 has some very unique features that allow it to rival some desktop systems. When coupled with a 3.06GHz non-HyperThreaded CPU, what will the result be?

7 ноября 2002
XScale vs. StrongARM PDA
You'd be sorely mistaken to pooh-pooh the XScale application processor as a paper tiger. The test of the MyPal A600 demonstrates that powerful, untiring PDAs can be built based on the XScale.

1 ноября 2002
The Gigahertz Dupe: Dell SmartStep 250N
Dell is promoting its 2.2 GHz notebook - but a closer look reveals that it's only running at half-speed. In order to compensate for this, it has a cut-rate price tag of $1600 and is outfitted to the hilt.

24 октября 2002
PDAs: Toshiba + ATI + Intel
The e310 was great and the e740 was going to be the PDA of our dreams: ATI graphics chip, 400 MHz Intel processor, wireless communication, and all assembled by Toshiba. Verdict...

3 октября 2002
The Apple iPod For Windows Begins A New Legacy
The Apple iPod for Windows is poised to reach a new tier in performance for this product category. While many PC users continue to look at iPod with a suspicious eye because it is from Apple, it is clear that the iPod is a well-designed and well thought out product, worthy of attention. We take a look at the new iPod for Windows to determine if it lives up to all the claims or if these claims are just hype.

13 сентября 2002
Creative Labs MuVo: The Singing Diskette
The MP3 personal stereo with memory is a brilliant product, but generally too expensive. Creative Labs has simplified it by making it smaller and more affordable. But above all, it has also added a USB key connector so it can be used as a super-diskette. Here's the lowdown on a stroke of genius.

29 августа 2002
ATi's Mobility Radeon 9000: DX8 for Notebooks
Today ATi announces its new notebook solution Mobility Radeon 9000. It is the first notebook graphics chip with DirectX 8 support. We tell you if it marks a real quantum leap in terms of notebook 3D-experience.

27 августа 2002
Mobile Data Storage: Comparison of Three External Storage Systems Between 120 GB and 160 GB
External hard drives attract with large capacities and ease of use. Thanks to USB 2.0 and FireWire, the manufacturers promise respectable performance as well. Do external hard drives hold their own in the practice as well?

9 августа 2002
Archos Jukebox Multimedia: The Video Walkman
Archos specializes in making portable peripherals, especially portable MP3 players with hard drives. With the Jukebox Multimedia, Archos leaps over yet another technological barrier - not only does this product read MP3 files, but it can read MPEG4-format videos as well!

31 июля 2002
Pocket PC e310: The Toshiba Strike Force!
Toshiba has targeted a market short of inspiration with the e310, the most appealing and least expensive color Pocket PC around. Just 12mm slim and weighing in at 140 grams, this featherweight has the format of the handsomest Palms and the power of a Pocket PC.

26 июля 2002
Terrific Tablet Technology - An Attempt to Deliver on the Promise of True Portability
PaceBlade enters the tablet PC market with the Transmeta Crusoe driven PaceBook. We will see it the Crusoe processor can deliver on the well known promise of longer battery life and find out if the promise of tablet PC technology is not a reality.

19 июля 2002
WLAN Security: Wide Open
If you use a wireless LAN, you should take special security precautions. Relying solely on the built-in encryption will leave you wide open to hack attacks.

27 июня 2002
MP3 Hard Drive To Portability
The race is on to create a Windows-compatible, hard drive-based MP3 player to cash in on the success of the Apple iPod. Lower prices are something that people want, and the D-Link does deliver a bargin, but are you willing put up with a few idiosyncrasies in order to get a hard drive-based MP3 player for half the price of an iPod?

26 июня 2002
Bluetooth - Breaking The Cables That Bind PCs
PC workstations overflow with cables; notebook owners struggle with bothersome cords. In this article, we compare five USB adapters and five PC cards with Bluetooth technology. We also look at the basics of Wireless LAN.

16 мая 2002
ATi's Radeon IGP320M Chipset A New Chance For Athlon Notebooks
While other markets are shrinking, the notebook market is still standing strong and generating handsome profits. AMD's slice of the mobile cake used to be based on inexpensive low-end consumer stuff that was rather uninspiring from a performance point of view. ATi's new notebook chipset for AMD's recently introduced 'Thoroughbred' Mobile Athlon XP could possibly change that. Radeon IGP320M allows AMD-based laptops the chance to compete with notebooks using Intel's Mobile Pentium 4 processor.

23 апреля 2002
TV Anywhere
Sure, you can get into networking so that everyone gets to share the same printer, or you have access to a corporate net. Or, you can do fun stuff, like LAN party the night away. But, the real future for networking is getting Seinfeld onto an iPAQ. We show you how. Isn't this what Microsoft was talking about at WinHEC 2002 last week?

19 апреля 2002
Exclusive! Jukebox 3 By Creative Labs
Two years ago, Creative Labs surprised everyone by launching its first Jukebox. And now they have released a new one, Jukebox 3, much more powerful than the first and loaded with innovations. It includes an SB1394 Port, 20GB hard drive storage and encoding. With so much going for it, a run-down on the details is in order.

8 апреля 2002
A New Contender: NVIDIA GeForce4 Go
A new contender for the mobile graphics crown has arrived. After much waiting and wondering, the THG staff finally gets the chance to put the NVIDIA GeForce4 Go and a final engineering sample notebook from Dell to the test. Does NVIDIA have what it takes to recapture the top slot from ATI?

4 апреля 2002
Comparison of Six PDAs
High performance and multimedia are on the move - the future belongs to PDAs. THG's Munich lab gave the latest batch of handhelds a good once-over.

6 марта 2002
IBM ThinkPad A31p - An Exclusive First Look
It's a workstation replacement powered by the P4 Mobile 1.7 GHz, and a Radeon Mobility 7800 FireGL graphics subsystem. We got our hands on one of the very first review systems from IBM to bring you this report.

20 февраля 2002
The Mobility Radeon 7500 - NVIDIA and ATI Go Head to Head In The Mobile Market
ATI fires a shot across the NVIDIA mobile products bow. We take an in-depth look at mobile graphics technology here, with our kickoff article for our new Mobile Devices Guide. Will ATI dominate mobile graphics performance with the introduction of the Mobility Radeon 7500?

31 января 2002
Mini CDR Madness - Evolution or Revolution?
Companies have been looking for new uses for 8cm/ 80mm 185MB CDR/ CDRW discs. In this review we look at a new evolution of portable MP3 players that feature use of the mini CDR/ CDRW format. Is this an evolution or a revolution in MP3 player technology?

25 января 2002
Wearable Storage - The Next Evolution?
Is wearable storage technology the next evolution? We look at a solution that helps you carry all of your technology and make your life easier at the same time. The SCOTTeVEST is either ahead of its time or an old idea whose time has finally come.

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