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Что есть в рубрике "Жесткие диски": В этой рубрике собраны статьи о жестких дисках, CD/DVD, Flash и других накопителях. На рынке существует множество моделей, и наши статьи помогут вам выбрать правильный жесткий диск по цене или производительности. В рубрике "Жесткие диски" собраны статьи за несколько лет - здесь вы найдёте и тесты самых современных терабайтных жестких дисков, и жестких дисков меньшей ёмкости как IDE, так и SATA, а также тесты и обзоры NAS, внешних жестких дисков и карманных жестких дисков. Статьи в рубрике "Жесткие диски" отсортированы по времени их публикации.

Статьи в хронологическом порядке

Статьи и обзоры, выпущенные в 2001

13 декабря 2001
Eleven 20x/24x CD Burners
The consumer is the winner as manufacturers duke it out for the lead in this evolving market

20 ноября 2001
Новые диски Western Digital: 100 Гб винчестер с 8 Мб кэша, плюс новый 120 Гб диск
Western Digital стала первой компанией, выпустившей 100 Гб жесткий диск на 7200 об/мин. Сегодня WD вышла на рынок с новой версией этой модели, у который первоначальный размер буфера 2 Мб был увеличен до 8 Мб. Также компания анонсировала 120 Гб винчестер. Мы внимательно рассмотрим обе модели.

23 октября 2001
The Storage Champions: ATA/100 IDE RAID Controllers From AMI, HighPoint And Promise
After looking at the RAID abilities of Windows 2000, it's time to compare hardware RAID controllers at more than $150 for IDE. Currently there are three popular manufacturers for these types of controllers: Ami/LSI Logic, HighPoint and Promise. All of them have similar features, but we take a look at the differences

15 октября 2001
Real Gentlemen: Budget IDE Hard Drives
This hard drive review deals with budget IDE drives running at 5,400 rpm. Maxtor, Seagate and Western Digital sent us their current models. Besides being silent, these drives offer huge capacity at attractive prices.

26 сентября 2001
Western Digital WD1000BB - На первом месте!
Maxtor планирует вскоре выпустить 160 Гб диски, и им будет трудно обогнать по производительности недавно вышедшие Western Digital WD1000. Читайте подробную информацию о производительности самого быстрого IDE винчестера!

6 сентября 2001
RAID Without Additional Hardware: Do It Yourself With Windows 2000
Although IDE RAID controllers provide a cost-effective way of creating high-performance RAID storage systems, you can even do away with this piece of hardware by using Windows 2000 support for software RAID. We took a detailed look at this option and put several different configurations to the test.

5 сентября 2001
Real Gentlemen: Performance IDE Hard Drives
The latest hard drive generation clearly reduces noise and temperature emissions - at the same performance level than current models. In times of extremely hot Athlon or Pentium 4 CPUs with noisy fans, this kind of progress seems to be very reasonable.

30 августа 2001
The Outer Limit: CD-Rs with 80, 90 and 99 Minutes
74-minute CDs have been out for a while, but with a few tricks, 99 minutes can be burned on an audio CD. Tested: new burners, software and blank CDs.

23 августа 2001
Serious Burn: Copying CDs In Just 3 Minutes
In this test, four fast CD burners from 24x to 12x show just how quickly CDs can be duplicated. We also look at burning software in more detail, including features for copy-protected media.

27 июля 2001
Boot Lock and Hard Disk Selection System: The NickLock
This little add-on costs only $16.95 and lets you choose between two physical hard drives or make both of them inaccessible, creating a system lock. We take a look at how useful it is.

13 июля 2001
Top-Notch CD Writing: Yamaha CDW2200E
There seems to be no limit for CD write speeds. Yamaha's latest CD recorder has 8 MB buffer memory and writes CD-Rs at up to 20x. Is this enough to justify the higher price or do common devices offer a better value?

14 июня 2001
Storage Giant: Seagate's Barracuda 180
Seagate currently offers the fastest hard drive - the Cheetah X15. Now, they establish a new record with their Barracuda 180, which can hold 180 GB on a single drive.

26 апреля 2001
Mobile 2.5 Hard Drive Systems: MD2-USB and MD2-FW1 from DataFab
DataFab sells external storage systems both for USB and for Firewire, supporting 2.5' IDE hard drives at all capacities. Read on to find out the benefits and shortcomings of these storage solutions.

12 апреля 2001
Backup Masters: Three Streamers at 10, 50 and 100 GB
After several hard disk and CD recorder reviews, we now take a look at other common backup solutions. One consumer and two high-end products arrived at our lab.

4 апреля 2001
We Have a Winner - Seagate's 'Cheetah X15'
Finally, we received one of Seagate's 15,000 rpm monster hard drives. Get ready for one of the most interesting high-performance SCSI drives available, and see how it compares to typical 10,000 rpm models.

30 марта 2001
Low Cost, Mid-Range or High-End? Three CD Writers at 8, 12 and 16 speed
Yamaha, AOpen and Mitsumi have different products for different sectors of the market. We wanted to know whether it makes sense to purchase a high-end drive like the Yamaha CRW2100E or if a simple mainstream drive will suffice.

12 марта 2001
Ready for CeBIT: Fujitsu, Maxtor and Quantum's latest High-Performance IDE Drives
Fujitsu sent us one drive of their MPG family, Maxtor their DiamondMax Plus 60 and Quantum the Fireball Plus AS. All drive families store 20 GB per platter, but which one is the best?

13 февраля 2001
Smart and Universal: Flotec's Pockey Drive vs. Trek's ThumbDrive
The ThumbDrive is based on Flash memory, Flotec's Pockey consists of a 2.5' hard drive. Which one is the better portable USB storage solution?

29 января 2001
A Look At SCSI-Performance: Fujitsu MAJ3364MC U160-SCSI
IDE hard drives have come very close to the performance level of high-end SCSI drives. Is it worth spending the extra money? We compared a top-notch SCSI drive from Fujitsu with both a two-years old SCSI model and the currently fastest IDE drive, the IBM DeskStar 75GXP.

2 января 2001
New IDE Hard Drives at 20 GB per Platter: Fujitsu MPG3409 and Western Digital WD400
Both Fujitsu and WD are releasing their latest generation drives. Will they be able to beat the strong competition from the prestige brands IBM and Maxtor?

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Сводное тестирование 77 процессоров: сезон 2005/2006
Лаборатория Tom's Hardware Guide сравнила производительность 77 процессоров с частотами до 3,8 ГГц. Вместе с тем мы рассмотрели продвижения в технологиях процессоров, произошедшие после прошлогоднего сводного тестирования.

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