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MPEG-4 With The New Flask 4.1:<BR>Almost DVD Quality
Краткое содержание статьи: Hand in hand with the DivX 4.01 codec, the new Flask 4.1 offers several important improvements over older versions - user-friendly menus, more functions for controlling data rate and video quality, and expanded processor support.

MPEG-4 With The New Flask 4.1:<BR>Almost DVD Quality

Редакция THG,  22 октября 2001
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The New Flask 4.1/DivX 4.01 Codec

Xmpeg 4.1

New Flask 4.1, designated Xmpeg 4.1.

Encoding MPEG-4-Videos has become a cult. All over the world, hundreds of thousands of users are turning DVD movies into the space-saving MPEG-4 format so that they can then burn them onto one or two CD-Rs. Countless Internet forums share tips on optimizing the settings, with the sole objective of getting the best image quality for a specific data rate. The conversion of video data is not a legal problem, as long as it is not redistributed, say, over the Internet. Passionate video makers are another group that continually discusses the efficient MPEG-4 compression standard. Owners of modern DV cameras (DV video with 3.6 MB/s) can transfer vacation videos directly from the camera to the PC and continue to edit them from there. After a film project has been rendered, it is possible to save the desired sequence in MPEG-4 format with full PAL resolution (720 x 576 dots). Friends and acquaintances will be amazed when they suddenly see an entire vacation movie saved on a single CD-ROM. That means up to 65 minutes of movie in stereo together with high image quality!

Xmpeg Information

Flask 4.1 after start-up.


Flask 4.1, under the name "Xmpeg".

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