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Краткое содержание статьи: In Taiwan you find about 75% of the world's motherboard manufacturers and a lot of other manufacturers in the computer business as well

Computex '97 News

Редакция THG,  19 июня 1997
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The Coputex is the annual computer show in Taipei, Taiwan. In Taiwan you find about 75% of the world's motherboard manufacturers and a lot of other manufacturers in the computer business as well.

I would like to apologise to A.I.R. , Biostar and several other companies that I didn't visit. I tried my very best, but I can't be at two places at the same time. Please don't hesitate to contact me.

I will list all companies that I have visited in alphabetical order.


Abit was of course one of the no. 1 companies to visit here in Taiwan. They took me to their R&D department to show me that the latest revision of the AN6 is working flawlessly with SCSI host adapters. I'll receive a sample for my own testing by next week. There'll soon be a new revision of the PX5, which will run more stable. The next revision of the successful IT5H will include a switching voltage regulator and will eventually enable ECC. We can expect this revision (seemingly 1.7) in August. I can hardly wait for their new board PL5, which is using the new SiS 5582 chipset, that is meant to be at least as fast as the Intel TX chipset. Abit had actually a nice 'happy hour party' on Wednesday June 4, but you prabably don't want to know about this, hehe. I would personally like to thank Michael, R.T. and Florence for taking care of me so nicely.


My visit at AMD's booth was quite amusing. Although they got a big wall with press comments there, quoting me as number one, nobody at AMD's booth knew who I was. However who cares about this anyway? The interesting news about how AMD's doing I get directly from the US and the news are sounding good. If anybody should think that the K6 233 was all that AMD has to offer, or if anybody should think that they are really afraid of the 6x86MX now will proven to be quite wrong. AMD has now cranked up their K6 production and they are doubling the yield monthly now. The original comment is 'we are currently only producing K6 233 anymore. The quarter micron 'shrink' is very close and hence the K6 266 and low voltage (2.8 V or less) versions. The most important thing however is the 100MHz bus speed project of AMD. Have you already forgotten about it? Remember my announcements before the CeBIT? Well, this will be reality in very short time and it will get the Pentium II as well as the 6x86MX into trouble. AMD is also getting on well with their own AGP chipset, so you see there's still quite a lot to expect from them. Special thanks to Brent, who is one of two company contacts who I consider as my friend.


AOpen took also very good care of me. I spend almost one complete day in their building. They showed me their R&D department and I got several lectures by the directors of the different divisions of AOpen and Acer. This included CDROMs (Acer has a new 24x CDROM) as well as telecommunications (video conferencing, modem and sound hardware). The latest revisions (3.x) of AOpen's TX motherboards now include switching voltage regulators and the AX5T does now eventually include 83 MHz bus speed settings. AOpen will also produce a SiS 5582 chipset based motherboard soon. Special thanks to James, Jeb, Hunter and Marc.

Centaur Technology (IDT)

A lot was going on at Centaur's/IDT's booth at the Computex. Everyone wanted to know about their new C6 CPU. Unfortunately there aren't any 200 MHz samples available yet, so that even the demo systems were only using 150/50 or 180/60 MHz version. However Centaur is very sure that it will be able to supply us with 200 MHz C6 CPUs really soon. The most important thing of the C6 is it's small size. This fact is responsible for the very low power consumption of the C6 as well as the ability to reach really high clock rates (Centaur is already now talking of >300 MHz). This makes the C6 very interesting for notebooks and at clock rates of more than 300 MHz it will even get into Pentium II performance dimensions. Don't ask too much of the FPU or MMX unit though. Centaur is honest enough to straight tell you that this CPU was not designed for high end applications that require high FPU power. I'm waiting impatiently for my sample ... Thanks to C.J.!


Eventually I was making my contacts with Chaintech. They are a fairly well known and successful mainboard manufacturer here in Europe, but I haven't heard much of them in the US. Well, this might be subject to change soon. I'm waiting to receive samples soon.


Eventually Cyrix knew who I was this time!! I got a very warm welcome at their booth. Cyrix has assured me that the 6x86 will start shipping in decent numbers very soon. They are very positive that higher clock speeds (which will directly attack the Pentium II) will be reality in a short while. Thanks to Kyle and Graham.


The latest news from FIC are actually not just based on the Computex. I've got some new boards of them for testing here, all using VIA chipsets, and these boards are all performing exceptionally well. The PA-2010+, based on VIA's Apollo VPX chipset is running the new 6x86MX faster than any Intel chipset board, due to the linear burst option. The PA-2011 (latest revision) has got some stability problems with the 6x86MX, but it runs it even faster than the PA-2010+ in case it doesn't crash. The K6 233 runs on this board also a consioderable bit faster than on Intel chipset based boards. The PA-2007 is as well as the PA-2011 using the VIA Apollo VP2 chipset but it comes with 1 MB L2 cache. This board makes the K6 scream. Now I'm waiting for a new revision of the PA-2011 that runs stable with the 6x86MX and hopefully comes with 1 MB L2 cache onboard as well. Thanks to Richard, although he was horribly busy this time.
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