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Update: ATi
Краткое содержание статьи: After the initial review of Ati's Radeon, we wanted to come back with a few added tidbits that didn't make it into the initial report. Data updates include overclocking results, GeForce2 64 MB, added resolutions and more.

Update: ATi's Industry Shaking Radeon revisited

Редакция THG,  21 июля 2000
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ATi Radeon Graphics Chip

Our bombshell report exploded onto the screens of our millions of faithful readers earlier this week as we informed everyone of the industries latest 3D powerhouse, ATi's Radeon. The massive report required hours upon hours of last minute testing and writing to bring you the full scoop. However, because we know you want the latest information at earliest possible time, a few stones were left unturned. Well, we're back after investigating a few more matters as well as elaborating on some of our earlier points. We'll go over the addition of 64MB GeForce2 results, added resolution to our test suite, and detail the results of our overclocking the Radeon.

Details About Shipping Radeon Cards

Before we get into the benchmarking details, I'd like to share a bit of information with you that only reached us after the previous Radeon article. After I heard rumors saying that ATi's yields of Radeon chips running at 183 MHz are not quite ideal, I asked ATi and found out that the Radeon cards with 32 MB memory have the core clocked at 166 MHz and the memory at 166 MHz only, giving ATi the chance to use the more available and less expensive 6 ns DDR SDRAM for those cards. You can imagine that this will make the 32 MB cards significantly slower than the versions with 64 MB.

I also have to correct myself for saying that all current Radeon cards lack the video in/out, because this is not true. The 64 MB cards are coming with all of ATi's video in/out goodies, while the 32 MB versions don't.

Please keep those two things in mind when shopping around for a Radeon card. The ones with only 32 MB are definitely a stripped down version of the 64 MB cards, with less performance and less features.

Radeon Card Memory Core Clock Video Features Suggested Retail Price
64 MB DDR 5.5 ns DDR SDRAM 183 MHz Video In/Out $399 US
32 MB DDR 6 ns DDR SDRAM 166 MHz N/A $279 US
(Shipping in September)
6 ns SDR SDRAM 166 MHz N/A $199 US
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